What Exactly Is A "Right?" The Natural Law Definition.

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What exactly is a right?

It is any action or behavior that an individual may take, which does not initiate harm against any other sentient being.

Rights apply to physical actions or behaviors.

Rights also apply to individuals.

What does it mean to initiate harm?

There's really only one thing that we can do in this universe that can initiate harm:


To wrongfully steal someone's life, rights or property.

More specifically: murder assault, rape theft of property, trespassing, coercion, and deception.

A right is any action that is not theft of life, rights or property.

We can take infinite numbers of such actions; therefore, we have infinite rights.

And we all have the same infinite rights.

In that regard, we already have equal rights under natural law.

No one has any more rights than anyone else. No one has fewer rights than anyone else.

Rights are built into this Universe.

They’re not manmade.

Therefore, no human being, may either grant rights or take them away.

They are universal.

If you happen to travel to Mars tomorrow, you would have the same rights as you do here on earth.

The definition of what is a right is universal, eternal, and immutable.

If you ask people what exactly a right is, they can't even give you that very, very basic definition.

Deep down inside, we all know in our hearts and our souls, what right vs. wrong is.

We can claim that we don't know what rights are, but we're really just lying to ourselves.

And some people are actually lying to others…

We can call them criminals - who willfully lie and willfully violate natural law knowing full well that that's what they're doing.

A large part of why the world is the way it is today, and why there's so much conflict strife,, so much violence, coercion, and chaos:

It's because such a basic thing is understanding the objective difference between right and wrong behavior – And what a right is – is simply not understood.

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Excelent post!

Simple to understand and so true.

Thanks for sharing this!