HiveBuzz supports meetups of the Hive UK Community

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The Hive UK community is very active and regularly hosts meetups across the UK to bring Hive users together and to onboard new ones.

The next one will take place September 19, 2020 in Halifax, West Yorkshire, and is coordinated by Hive witness @c0ff33a. For more details, read the announcement.

Several Hivers are expected to attend it, among them @artonmysleeve, @father2b, @goblinknackers, @livinguktaiwan, @nathanmars, @revisesociology, @shanibeer, @slobberchops, @stevenwood.

To stay up to date with the Hive UK community, you can:

Participate in a Hive UK meetup and get your badge

@HiveBuzz has prepared a new commemorative badge that attendees will receive when participating in a UK meetup. The badge attribution is managed by the meetup organizers and anyone getting the badge will be able to display it on his/her HiveBuzz board.

Do not miss this opportunity to meet wonderful Hivers. We hope you will all have a lot of fun gathering together!

Items available in the HiveBuzz shop

What could be better than appearing at the meetup with this new design, or to give yourself or someone else a nice souvenir gift?

The Hive UK meetup design in now available on the HiveBuzz shop. Now is the time to take a look!

Happy Hive Meetup!

If you are a meetup organizer and you want to reward participants with a personalized badge, do not hesitate to contact us on Discord or Telegram.

HiveBuzz is a project created by @arcange


I'd love to go, if only to get another badge ;) It's a long way from where I live, but if it's possible I will be there.

Obviously not a great time for meetups, but let's do what we can to keep the community going.

You still count for a badge from previous meet ups. Would be great to meet you though 👍🏽

It is always a great experience to meet other Hivers in real-life @steevc! Even in times of pandemic, if you do it right it will be fun 😉
Maybe you can join some other time or some other meetups that are closer to you and also distribute a badge! And if they don't, then you can organize one yourself 👍🙂

Hi @hivebuzz,
Thank you for participating in the #teamuk curated tag. We have upvoted your quality content.
For more information visit our discord

Thanks, @teamuksupport! Your support is highly appreciated! 🙏❤️

Hivebuzz always on the go never stopping never slow but moving very fast with the speed of light
thank God i found hive.

Always 😉🐝

I'll likely be turning up. Assuming I don't succumb to social anxiety and all that.

I am missing a lot of information about the panel, however I thank you for my badges, they remind me of my time as a student, I received many medals, my family members were proud of me.
Greetings and thanks

We are also proud of you 😉 You are welcome!

Like the look of this will see if I can get the morning off work to join you all

Looking forward to the meetup report @sam1965uk 🙂👍

I look forward to this moment happening, I can receive more great information from you. Thanks for having these times

Are you gonna join @leviet7490? We are already excited about the meetup reports 🙂👍

I was planning to spend a few days at Leeds whilst I'm there 😖

Looking forward to reading all about it in your reporting post @livinguktaiwan! 😉

fabuloso tu contenido me gustaría tener un camisa esta buenísimos @hivebuzz

Si quieres tener un articulo, es muy simple ordenar en el shop online @aventuarte. Llega a todas partes del mundo 😉👍

Si va cuenta con esa para tener un articulo de tu mercancía muy pronto @hivebuzz, para comprarlo en mi blog.

+Hibebuzz siempre buscandola excelencia

Siempre! 😉

Thank you God bleesing