My First Tarot Deck : Neo Rider Tarot Collection Review

Hello Tarot Community, I hope you all are doing well. This is my first time writing about the Tarot. My (cyber)name is NomNomNoodle, a newbie tarot reader with more to discover about this magical part of the universe.

LINE_ALBUM_Neo tarot_230923_21.jpg

Today I want to show you guys this tarot deck that I own for almost 3 years now. This is the deck that I've been most connected with. The most used deck for me and since this is the first deck that I own so we have the longest history.

LINE_ALBUM_Neo tarot_230923_8.jpg

I actually started off with having this beautiful deck even before I started to learn about the reading part. The cards are so beautiful that it draws me to get into this side of me. I remember the day I received it and I was so stunned. Here's how the box looks.

LINE_ALBUM_Neo tarot_230923_1.jpg

and on the side

LINE_ALBUM_Neo tarot_230923_2.jpg

Now, I wanted to show you guys some of my favorite cards in the deck. Which I shuffled and asked the tarot which one I should show you guys. This one first came up "The Fool". Just look at how golden and beautiful it is.

LINE_ALBUM_Neo tarot_230923_15.jpg

The cards are Rider Waits' original design, which is exactly how I want it. As a beginner reader, I want to be able to memorize all the basics of the 78 cards first and I think Rider Waite is the way to go, before I switch up to other designs.

LINE_ALBUM_Neo tarot_230923_3.jpg

You can see that the color and the tone of the deck would be gold and shinier than the original Rider Waite. That's the 2nd reason I'm drawn to this deck, because it kinda matches my personality to have to be a little extra, yet the originality is still there.

LINE_ALBUM_Neo tarot_230923_6.jpg

The weight is light, making it easier to shuffle for me and for cards that want to pop out.

LINE_ALBUM_Neo tarot_230923_10.jpg

I also love to have a black velvet tarot cloth, so this deck would just very clear to see.

LINE_ALBUM_Neo tarot_230923_17.jpg

LINE_ALBUM_Neo tarot_230923_13.jpg

LINE_ALBUM_Neo tarot_230923_16.jpg

They're made of plastic so the cards won't get wet and messed up if I spill water on them, which I really try not to do that, of course

LINE_ALBUM_Neo tarot_230923_9.jpg

The pattern has good quality and all the details are still there.

LINE_ALBUM_Neo tarot_230923_12.jpg

The size was a little too big for my hand in the beginning, but over time as I practiced more, I've grown used to it. (Also because I had a bigger deck than this one too, so it fits better in my hand)

LINE_ALBUM_Neo tarot_230923_11.jpg

So far, this deck helped me loads with the reading and more, not only to me but to people that I read for. I've often gotten lots of compliments on how accurate and precise the reads are.

LINE_ALBUM_Neo tarot_230923_7.jpg

Needless to say, the deck and I get along very well and I'll keep talking and practicing, so I can be better and help solve problems or uplift some bothered issues that someone might need.

Lastly, I wanna show you guys my set up that I'm so proud of. I will maybe take the time to post and tell you guys how I got these decorations too.

LINE_ALBUM_Neo tarot_230923_20.jpg

LINE_ALBUM_Neo tarot_230923_18.jpg

This would be all for today's post guys. I hope that for some people who're interested in the tarot and the reading let me know in the comments below and we'll meet again. Thank you guys and...

Stay true and connect to your inner self.

Khob khun kaa,
Nomnomnoodle 🍜


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Thank you for having me again :))

Is there way you can help me with my issue with your tarot reading expertise ?

Well.. maybe we could make an appointment and have a reading? 😂 only if you trust me

I have no issue with it....🙂

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