Rainy Day Blues

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Summer has come and gone and still we are trapped in this difficult situation with Covid. It's the start of the rainy season and I can't help it, I'm feeling the blues. Soon, the monsoons are gonna come and make everything even more difficult. I am sad for my family members who have to brave all this while they have work commitments. I am sad for my friends who are now on no work no pay, and worse, my friends who are out of a job.


I hope we all get through this soonest and be able to rebuild our lives back. This is by far the most challenging year ever, for me.

I hope you are all well. Hold tight, friends. We will conquer.

Thanks, Johnny Walker for keeping me company. Keep walking! Hahaha


Gold Level makes us very eager to drink what is not available here.Yes you are right this year has been a very difficult year, but of course our time will be better.

Oh yeah maraming salamat kay Mang Johnnie, haha

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Haha hndi ako updated, 24 na pala kelangan😬

Be careful and don't drink too much @benedict08.

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happy walking (: