Watching Euro 2020 Croatia VS Czech Republic.

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Watching Euro 2020 Croatia VS Czech Republic.

Good evening, friend.
A clear night makes the atmosphere tonight feel beautiful, tonight a cup of Acehnese coffee accompanied my rest from various activities while watching the Euro 2020 Croatia VS Czech Republic match.

I watched the match live, but not at the stadium where the match was taking place, but I watched the tough match on television.

Together with some friends, we watched the second round match of Group D Euro 2020 at The Coffee Beans Shop Bireuen, where the match presented a very dramatic match.

Watching this very exciting match made the two supporters of each team give each other support, even though they only watched through the screen but by upholding the sportsmanship of the two supporters, they respected and respected each other.

In this place the cafe manager only provides limited seating for the audience, this is because the area where I live is still haunted by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, even though the audience was very limited, the atmosphere at the venue was very energetic as the two supporters gave each other their support for their favorite team.