A wild animal that is very similar to a butterfly

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Greetings to all🙏

Before I tell you a lot about my macro image, I first thank all the supporters of the R2cornell community who have welcomed me with their support.
A beautiful day for all of us who continue to carve out the best posts on cryptocurrency-based social media. Beautiful days continue to be with us here.
Some of my original pictures were shot through the macro lens that we have.
The picture that we got is one of the small forests in the area we live in, this picture is not a picture of a butterfly, but it is very similar to a butterfly.
The shape and direction of my focus is very good and we can enjoy the focal point together and here are some pictures from me, hopefully enjoyed.

We will definitely enjoy the results five years from now and this is a very big belief.

  • Macrophotography

  • Location Aceh, Karieng florest

  • Camera Mobile Cell Phone Used Vivo 1901

  • Lensa Hd 25Mm 10X Macro Pro Lens

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I will return with pictures and other more interesting descriptions


Bidikan yang sangat cantik.

Ooooh,,, tersanjung... Thanks,,,, buddy 🙏

Bukan buddy ,, hehehehe

Man buddy kan saudara,,, . Man so cit long heiii,, pu cut bg lon hei mantoeng,,

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