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Hello everyone, and special greetings to the entire community team in this beloved hive.We continue to move and strive to continue to show the best here.
As usual, on this occasion we made a post by publishing some roses in a flower garden near where we live, this also became a search for our content in terms of photography.
We rarely make a post with photography, but in this post we only have one picture that we took with a macro lens that the rest we took just using a cellphone camera only.
We also take this opportunity to take a few minutes of video for us to share on our YouTube channel and we take a link from YouTube and we paste it here.
A collaboration by playing our videos to look more creative in creating original content from us and we continue to work to get the best and of course quality.
The reflection in a collaboration is a special thing that we continue to do in detecting the authenticity of our posts, this is one reason we make the video.






  • Macrophotography

  • Location Aceh, Karieng florest

  • Camera Mobile Cell Phone Used Vivo 1901

  • Lensa Hd 25Mm 10X Macro Pro Lens

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I will return with pictures and other more interesting descriptions


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Thanks so much brother @r2cornell 🙏 ,,, I am still in doubt in choosing a community here, and I will try to be able to continue making posts here. Thank you for appreciating me.