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It is definite that every day scientists bring more things to our daily lives, or at least let us know about some of them, since there will always be what we do not know, but if something will bring them profits or they believe it will, they will certainly bring it to the market, for example everyone knows that around the world there are millions of people who drink coffee, so they are always looking to improve the beans, to give them more quality and seek to create more attractive and striking presentations, without forgetting the instant coffee, designed for those who live with the time counted.

So one afternoon I saw on TV that announcement of a new coffee that was more than the beverage that we love and that accompanies us during so many activities throughout the day, this time they assured us that they had managed to add something more, a secret ingredient that would allow us to search in the depths of our memories after drinking it and would take us to relive those moments.


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Obviously, hearing that caused me, besides a bit of laughter, doubts and curiosity at the same time, since many times we have memories that are incomplete in our mind, not because they are less valuable, it is because we were perhaps too small to keep them intact.

A week went by and I began to hear stories from friends and people in the street who told me how wonderful the memories they had revived after drinking this coffee, I still had my reservations about whether I should try it because who knows what it was that it had to achieve such an effect.

The following week I went to my friend Andrea's house, we always saw each other at least once a fortnight, it was nice to see each other to get out of the routine, talk for a while and laugh about everything, give advice, see her children, husband and her cute cat, but I didn't know what my friend would do.



Knowing me very well for being my best friend, she knew that I was afraid not only for the coffee ingredient, it was because of the vulnerability of what it would make me remember, a moment with the people I loved and were no longer there, so she poured me a cup of coffee without telling me that it was the coffee of memories.

After taking three sips besides feeling its rich flavor I felt something strange, it was as if I was falling asleep and at the same time I felt that I was entering a kind of tunnel and I began to see images that took me to remember simple but beautiful moments, the first thing I saw was my grandmother a woman of short stature, but of enormous heart and determination, she was in the kitchen of the apartment, in which she raised us, there she was brewing her coffee like every morning, I immediately felt the smell of this coffee that at that time I did not drink, but that was always present at home.

Although I remembered moments like this, I did not remember how my grandmother assembled the folding table that was in the kitchen and neither how she went to my room full of love to wake me up, neither how my mother reminded her that I did not like to wake up startled, so it was better that they called me gently while caressing me and above all I did not remember how they both looked at me with eyes full of genuine love.



It was so beautiful to see, how in the middle of a hurried morning when I had to be taken to school and then to work, everything was done with love and sincere affection, I felt again like that little girl, loved and protected.

When I came back from my memory session, I had tears in my eyes and I deeply thanked my friend for allowing me to remember some of the good things I lived with my mother and grandmother.

In closing, this is my participation in the STB # 59, hoping that every time we sit down to enjoy a nice cup of coffee, there will be a nice memory that comes to our mind or a pleasant conversation.

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It would be beautiful experience if coffee really had the ability to take us back to beautiful moments like this! But maybe it does to some extent… when we enjoy coffee we feel happy and it can really bring memories to us!

Like you, I believe that when we are drinking coffee we can remember pleasant and happy moments, so to a certain extent it is true that it produces this effect.

From the way you described your experience with this coffee, I seriously want to taste too. Of course who wouldn't love to go back to their beautiful moments. I guess that is why Coffee is home.

The beautiful and pleasant moments should be treasured in our minds and hearts.

Recalling or reliving past memories must be a very very lovely feeling. Thanks to your friend you felt this.

How lovely would it have been for a coffee with this ability to exist, I wouldn't selling my expensive possession to have it. There are memories that are priceless to us as an individual and as we grow, some of them begin to fade but with such magical coffee, I can keep those Memories in one piece.

That's how it is sometimes as we grow up or as time goes by, memories are erased in part or in whole, it would be wonderful if this coffee existed.

What a beautiful story! It made me emotional, it made me a little sentimental. That's good, the story achieved its goal.


Greetings, @actioncats. Your story is beautiful. If we had this type of coffee, I think most of us would want to relieve memories of times we spent with loved ones. I love those memories! 😄

Remembering the beautiful moments with those we love who are no longer with us is a treasure.

That was such a beautiful memory to remember, I wish the coffee really exist I wouldn't mind taking it to see my father again, to tell him how much I missed him.

I miss my grandmother and my mom very much too, I understand you perfectly.

 3 months ago  

This was such a heartfelt and touching story! I'm so glad that through this unique coffee, you were able to sit in such a wonderful feeling of love! Thanks for the great read :)

Thanks to you for letting me know how much you have enjoyed these lines that were written with much affection.

 3 months ago  

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Beautiful memories of a childhood in the company of those we love. This makes me think that now that we can remember, it would be beautiful to travel more often to that past to honor those people who gave us their affection and who are no longer there.
Greetings @actioncats, a good story. 🙂