Miracle. #STB Coffee Prompt Week 63

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I love this week's promt, ues gets us into the realm of fictional speculation. I don't know if I've raised a small slice of dystopia, but regardless, I hope you enjoy it.

Coffee lovers, here's what I think happened when this situation (proposed by the wonderful C/Cinnamon Cup Coffee team) occurred:

After a toxic waste spill near a local coffee farm saturated the area, a rapid mutation took place. Coffee based lifeforms rose from the sludge, and they are now integrating into society! How does this go?

café beas.pngOwn photo and composition.Graphic elements drawn by me with GIMP

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Dear friend, it is true: Now we have more possibilities. How I miss having you by my side right now with all your enthusiasm and your ability to look at life and problems as intelligently as possible.
Ever since the factory reported the accident and our crops were flooded with muck, we thought our lives had run into tragedy. Now it seems we have been touched by a miracle. And we are as afraid to believe that this can be good as we were before this was a catastrophe.
I need you to come and convince my neighbors that this unusual mutation caused by the irresponsible chemical spill may be the best thing that ever happened to us. Now these mutant strains are spreading into the neighboring crops and their beautiful colors fill us with awe and fear.
If you are not familiar with the coffee plant, I'll give you a brief description:
It is a bush of cheerful stamina. If you let it grow as it pleases, it can reach up to ten meters. Here, at the hacienda, we let it grow to about three meters. No more. Pruning does them good, they fruit better and are easier to harvest. It has small, shiny green leaves, aromatic flowers similar to jasmine and is filled with clusters of small, cherry-like fruit. Inside this fruit hides the jewel of coffee.
I won't tell you anything about the beverage we obtain from its beans and the aroma of coffee because you know everything about it.
Now, the plants have mutated. When the spill occurred we were very close to harvest time. The fruits, in a matter of days, swelled to unusual diameters, more like apples. The creamy aroma of the blossoms flooded the area for miles. Since last year we have had experts from the Ministry of Health and the Environmental Disaster Unit on our farm. They also do not believe the results of the analysis: Our coffee trees have changed their morphology and biochemical processes to process the toxins and improve their productive response. The specialists have distilled a must from the fruit and the bean. We have accompanied the whole process, not only as owners, but also with our university degrees in Food Chemistry, and, of course, with some interested help from friends and businessmen in the area.
As I write to you I am drinking the most amazing coffee I have ever had, prepared with the must from our new plants. We have come up with a commercial name: Milagro. Maybe not very original, but totally honest.
Its acidity point is high, but very pleasant and differentiating. It also has sweet, deep and herbal notes. Its smell is creamy. I can't describe it more accurately. You have to come and taste it for yourself.
There is only one small obstacle to letting the world know about this Miracle, and that is where your arts and your contacts can be not only useful but well rewarded entrepreneurially: a group of homeowners want to sue the fertilizer factory. I understand them. They lost a couple of mares and, I'm not going to lie to you, a couple of kids, but we have worked out a safe protocol here. We made a committee with representatives from the mayor's office, the factory, some scientists from the Disaster Unit, us as owners, scientists and businessmen, and we are perfecting everything.
Once the possibility of the lawsuit is quashed and we shorten one or two processes of the food safety protocol, we will be able to launch one of the most successful products you will see in this century.
I am enclosing a video of our promo. It is fantastic. It has humor and exploits the story of the miracle we have experienced.
Only you are missing in this perfect team.

separador de flores.png

Gracias por la compañía. Bienvenidos siempre.

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#STB Coffee Prompt Week 63.
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Yes, I could feel the dystopian twist. And what hugely successful company doesn't have a little innocent blood on its hands, haha.

With coffee beans as apples, I can't imagine the rise in production. "Milagro" will bankrupt their competition. I think plots, sicarios, and a new world order are coming soon. This is Black Mirror material 😁

Nice read, sis! ☕️

Thank you, @marlyncabrera.
You already gave me material for the second part. Thanks for stopping by to read my text. I read yours and left you a comment. Hugs.

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Enormously grateful for your support and for the opportunity to express ourselves through fiction.