A Cup of Coffee for Missing

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Authored by @Afridany


Sometimes we have to express all those feelings through a cup of coffee, be it feelings of longing, feelings of pain, pain, jealousy and even revenge. Coffee has been able to help all my feelings. Coffee comes to neutralize my mind, especially if when I'm alone in silence, coffee can help all of that.

Recently I missed an old lover in my heart, her name is Luna Maya, she is a beautiful artist and I feel like I've spent my days with her. She has become a career and successful woman. What impressed me the most and I can't forget it is because of the beauty she has, every time I see her photo my heart aches, I can't contain that feeling except with coffee.

My mind calms a little when I drink coffee, especially if it's a cup of espresso. Everything seemed to flow so fast. All memories of him can calm down a bit. I can forget about it for a while when I'm drinking coffee, but sadly, I come back to it after that, when all the coffee opiates are gone. I thought, the only and best way I should have a thermos of coffee.

There's nothing I can do but drink coffee. That feeling of longing is like being pricked by a thorn, that's how I miss him when it comes suddenly to him, the longing that is getting worse sometimes has to take me to a shaman to be treated, isn't this crazy. When I go to a shaman, I start to calm down a bit. My longing can only be treated with coffee not with a shaman, have you ever felt the same way? In times of love, only coffee is my best and loyal friend to get through my day.

How about your coffee story today?

 5 months ago  

It sounds like coffee has a powerful effect on you. I feel like the saying "do what works for you" is fitting for this situation.

 5 months ago  

Hello @afridany1,
Feelings and emotions are so powerful; It takes courage for us to acknowledge them.
I'm so happy that you found the remedy in coffee, for helping to keep you balanced and calm, you when your thoughts go astray.
Wishing you a glorious day:-)))