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> Starting the morning with a cup of coffee is the right action to start the day~Afridany.


Drinking coffee in the morning is the way great people start the day. And it's better to enjoy coffee at the nearest warung that you subscribe to. As cultured people in our city do, they start the morning with a cup of coffee in a coffee shop.


Like the one in this coffee shop. This is a coffee shop owned by Jhoni, a Chinese resident in our town of Sigli, Aceh. Here I also capture some pictures on display at Jhony's Ie Leubeue coffee shop.

Jhoni is a Chinese family who has been selling coffee drinks since 1950. His name is Jhony. In mandarin he is called Tien Yhuk Phin. Born in 1956. Now he is 61 years old.


Her skin is white. Slanted eyes and stocky body. Not too high. He graduated from Muhammadiyah Elementary School (SD) and Junior High School in Sigli City.

Jhony's parents are Latif (Yen Sun Yien). Since the 1950s he has lived and settled in the village of Ie Leubeue, Kembang Tanjong, as written by Andhi Firdaus Lancok.


Long before Jhony was born, Jhony's parents had been selling coffee at Ie Leubeue Market. However, due to conditions that do not allow Jhony to sell coffee in Sigli City.

The legendary is known throughout the city of Sigli as the most reliable coffee barista in our city. The taste of the blended coffee is perfect for office workers, entrepreneurs, and business people. In addition to the fragrant aroma, Bang Jhony's processed coffee is very delicious and good to start early in the morning.


At the Bang Jhony stall, there are various kinds of Chinese wet cakes, such as Apom, Bak Poa, and various other foods. The Chinese who migrated to Aceh are known to be persistent and creative in entrepreneurship. Most of them came to Aceh with a piece of the jar and returned with success.

Now, Ie Leube coffee shop still survives in the siege of big cafes in Sigli City with a distinctive aroma and taste. Connoisseur of a class of its own who survives to this day.


Classically, Jhony made coffee powder himself from coffee beans imported from Tangse, Pidie. The local coffee beans that are still relied upon are Bang Jhony's choice to be processed into pure gold liquid that is drunk by the elite in the city of Sigli.

Almost every minute, Bang Jhony's stall is never empty of customers. Not even a few who buy coffee in plastic packaging that is brought home to drink together. In this short video we can clearly see how successful Jhony the barista from China is.


That's it guys for my coffee story today. Don't forget to share your coffee story.** THANK YOU**

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classic coffee shop always has an interesting story, classic coffee shop always has an interesting story