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Coffee and butter never mix, but they are always delicious in everything, especially in cold weather in the morning. Coffee and butter are like water and oil, because their composition is the same, not because they fight. Even though they are never peaceful, both of them are components that can make your morning very good, creating a different freshness. My eyes can wake up because of this, of course before going to the gym, coffee and butter are highly recommended as a natural pre-workout.

I think the person who created this coffee and butter is very rewarding. Many people can work because of it, even those who are still lazy because they sleep all night on a comfortable mattress. Just inhaling the aroma of coffee makes your whole body tremble, you can't wait to taste it.

Take a Time While Waiting

This coffee and butter started from a flight that made me bored, not because of the long journey, but because of the waiting. Does anyone know why the process of traveling by plane has to take so long to wait? Why can't it be like taking a bus or train, where you can only wait a short time without spending hours and that makes it very boring. Especially if it's an international flight, 3 hours is a very short time to wait.



So, at that time I was waiting for the morning departure time, heading to Johor Bahru. I saw a cafe that was quite busy, called Oriental Coffee. As you can hear from the name, this is something special, it's called FOMO, definitely the feeling of being attracted to something that is busy becomes more climactic.


In front of the café there is a roasting machine showing coffee beans being roasted, but this is just a display, the machine doesn't move at all. It seems like they rely on many products and are very confident in the coffee they sell.




You Have to Try This Menu!

Then I ordered the highlight on their menu, the butter coffee and also the polo bun, it looked very interesting. I was also so hungry, I thought I needed food that would keep me full all day. My background as an Asian person who quite likes rice, complete with a portion of Hainanese chicken is quite satisfying. It's quite clear that I won't say much about Hainanese chicken here, because the meat is enough to make me regret buying it. A little harsh and not my taste. I think they are really special in terms of coffee and polo buns.




Butter coffee with polo bun is indeed a special taste from Nanyang traditional culture, this is a type of breakfast that is always a source of pride. I don't know why, it feels right to my tongue, maybe because I come from a neighboring country, it's only natural that this happens.

Butter coffee from Oriental Coffee is really interesting, if you only have a moment, then it's not wrong to try it at KLIA 2. Being at Departure, the merchants are very big and busy with visitors. They also sell various souvenirs, so at least your bag isn't too empty to bring friends or family coffee and food.

A Feeling I will Never Forget

Let me tell you a little about the taste I get from a glass of butter coffee, interesting! You know, this is a type of mix arabica, robusta adn liberica coffee that is roasted perfectly, maybe they use a little butter when cooking the coffee beans, then add 50 ml of strong sweetened condensed milk, as a sweetener, of course to neutralize the bitter taste of the coffee. Coffee and sugar are a unity for people who like them.


After dissolving it with sweetened condensed milk, stir it so that everything is combined and add 15 grams of butter which finally melts when served in a glass. You can measure the butter you want. Oriental coffee uses special butter with a quality taste, so, even though this cup of coffee is more expensive than other coffee shops, I think because they use good ingredients, the quality is maintained from year to year.


So, stop by if you have time at this merchant. While waiting for the flight it will be very interesting!

See you the next time hive friends!

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I have never tried butter coffee, if it is as you say it is a special part of the traditional culture of Nanyang, I trust it must taste good, plus the way you describe, it encourages me to want to try it, I will try to find out more about it, it intrigued me a lot, greetings.

If you want to try, double shoot espresso, 2 tsp condense milk and 15gr butter, Its really works for mood in the morning :D

Thanks for the recipe, copied, I'll share my experience later. Happy day, greetings

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Thankyou ❤️

Wow interesting proposal to taste coffee. I had never heard of it, you would have to investigate and know what level of flavor the coffee should be at to try it like that. Have a good trip ✈️☺️

little bit with fat but i think its better as pre workout before gym or running in the morning.

Wow, first time I've seen this combination. It looks like the butter fell in there by mistake. I find your comment about the quality of the butter interesting. I think that is a key point in making this cup of coffee work. The place looks very nice and busy. Excellent review. Regards @aswita

really? you should to tryin on your a cup of coffee ❤️