Best of the Beanies - Week 37

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Welcome to the Best of the Beanies, a curation compilation of some of the top stories from this week's Spill The Beans Creative Writing Prompt.

These authors gave us some amazing content, and we would like to highlight them. We hope that you will take a look at the posts and perhaps vote or leave a comment or a tip for the authors.

Our pick of the top stories covered all the elements of what creative writing involves, and is in keeping with community standards. These authors showed personality and took great pride in creating an epic story that got the judges hooked and wanting more.

The Best of the Beanies, in no particular order - they were all so good!

Time Travel With Coffee by @dianelson


"Would you like a cup of coffee? I would recommend our special roast. You close your eyes, imagine where you want to go in time,take a sip and you be right there. Just try not to drop the cup if not you'll come right back here".
"You are trying to tell me the sign out there wasn't lying and this coffee would really let me travel through time?"

A Tour of Madness in Istanbul by @flywithmarlin


An explosion of vitality came suddenly to our bodies all at once, to say we did crazy things is to be very modest in the expression we annoyed many vendors, we made others fall in love and even a woman chased us with a knife in hand for touching her husband in the private parts, because my friend thought she saw a strange lump according to her.

A Trip To The Atlas Mountains by @ladytitan

image.png Image designed with Canva free version

Carter did not have the guts to tell his mother that our marriage fell apart because of his wandering eyes. Granted, as an art curator for several museums in my city, I was always on the move but it shouldn't be an excuse to cheat.

The mystery of the sip of coffee at grandma's cabin by @chacald.dcymt

Author's image, enchanced with Canva/ Giphy

Some women were performing a play, with a macho theme I should point out, they were asking for coffee to be banned because their husbands had excess energy from drinking it and they had to discharge their energy with other women. I did not like the play and took another sip of coffee to get out of that place. Surely a man was the one who wrote that madness.

The Trip by @universoperdido

Hecho a mano (31).png

Photo by cocoparisienne on Pixabay

Clock by freepng

"Damn, I think there's something about this cafe!" I said to myself, as I glimpsed around me, I realized I was now in the living room of my parent's house. I held my coffee cup tightly as I saw a child walk through one of the doors; I realized it was me.

This coffee, The mystery of time by @ungranulises on Pixabay / Stefan Keller on Pixabay.

"Great architect of the universe, hear my prayers, I need a sign, a chance to get out of this hole, I promise to reciprocate in any way you please."

An incredible dream, nightmare with touches of reality, familiar faces that when approached were Hollywood celebrities, rabbits in hats, shamrocks, places I've never been before and more weirdness.

Cupid's Arrow by @jhymi

Image designed with Canva

In a moment, the news came on and I paid no attention to it as I kept sipping my coffee and watching the cars outside till I heard, “…..and so if you have this virus, you may want to stay away from anything containing the slightest caffeine. Coffee, to be blunt as the strange side effects…”

A coffee and reverse gear by @jetta.amaya

Image from langll on Pixabay

"The coffee? I've been buying coffee from Mr. Manuel for many years, it has never generated anything for me."

"You know he's been experimenting with the genetics of his plants to get a new bean, so it wouldn't be surprising. I'll leave work early today and come to see you, but please calm down."

CONIVY by @deraaa

Designed on Canva

"Whatever." My voice sounded scratchy even to my ears as I drank my tenth -or is it twelfth?- cup of coffee that morning.

"Deraa. Jesus! It smells like death in here," she throws open the curtains and pain splits my head at the intrusion of light.

"Stop." I call out weakly

The coffee of time by @germanandradeg

Image from Pixabay, designed on Canva

It was a cold and rainy night in the city of Bogotá. The wind was blowing hard, making the dry leaves rustle in the empty streets. The only sound that could be heard was the sound of thunder and lightning that illuminated the dark sky.

Well, that's it for the Best of the Beanies for last week's prompt.

A special thanks to everyone who supports the Spill The Beans initiative by voting, reblogging, and commenting. We would especially like to thank all of the authors who took the time to participate in this week's prompt!

Once again, thank you for checking out the #BestOfTheBeanies, a compilation of the best entries of this week's Creative Writing Club.

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Excellent stories that are enjoyable to read.
Congratulations to all for your wonderful creativity.

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Thank you so much @cinnccf 💜☕☕

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Thank you so much for the mention.

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I'm happy to see my story mentioned with these captivating coffee stories! 😃 Thank you, Cinnccf.

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It has been awhile. It's always refreshing to read coffee stories. This is an awesome collection. !PIZZA

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They were all very wonderful stories and thank you for including mine.✨

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