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Option 1: A new coffee-inspired spiritual path has begun to gain popularity. They open a space nearby, which you visit. What wisdom do you learn while inside?

Option 2: Scientists have found a way to decipher the language of plants. With this new revelation, you study what coffee plants have to say. What messages do they have for the world?

⚠️ #spillthebeans MUST be your first tag, and if your story does not cover any of the relevant scenarios presented, your post will be muted for fairness to other participants.

C'mon, put your creative caps on!

And ...

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Nice prompts for inspiration, @cinnccf 🌿☕ Now it's time for imagination 📝😁

Good evening, I share with you my participation, I hope you like it.

So much creativity and inspiration to come up with these themes.

And, by the way, I love how they present it handwritten 😉

This week's topics are very good, here I share my participation. Thanks for the initiative.

Greetings friends, happy beginning of the week, here I share with you my participation. Excellent theme and I enjoyed creating this story.

Hi! 😃 A mix of sci-fi and action. I hope you like this story.

Awesome prompts, I was great participating and reading the creativity of other members. Supported @chacald.dcymt @jhymi

Thanks, cheers to a coffeelicious day.

I had a lot of fun this week, it was a great theme, this is my entry.

Enjoyed writing on this prompt.
Here's the link to my participation

My return to the stories 😄, here I share with you my participation I hope you enjoy it. Option 2☕

@zorili91,claims of a coffee plant, this is my title in this participation.

Hello friends! I'm back and this time with a fictional story with a touch of reality. Perfection vs. happiness, which one are you looking for? Coffee will guide you

Greetings coffee lovers, here is my entry to the contest, A hug.