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Happy April Peeps!☕️

Welcome back to the #SPILLTHEBEANS Creative Writing challenge.

See this week's topic below, with a countdown timer that needs to be observed. The entry deadline for posts ends on Tuesday at 20:30 UTC, with the countdown timer at the top and the bottom of this post, guiding you to the cut-off time.

Thank you all for being involved so far, and for raising the bar. We hope that you'll have fun creating the stories that you continue to produce week after week. You all have been amazing, so keep shining ;-)


  • ⚠️ Post to Cinnamon Cup Coffee Community

  • ⚠️ Use #spillthebeans as the first tag

  • ⚠️ No less than 250 words and no more than 1000 words MAX!

  • ⚠️ Post in English ONLY

  • ⚠️ Post within the Countdown Timer. (No late entries)

  • One entry per person.

  • Drop a link to your entry in the comments section of this post.

  • Adhere to general community rules.

Late entries will be muted!

So, without further ado, here are the prompt options for the week.

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Option 1: Your life partner wants to leave the city and buy a coffee farm. You play along and go on an excursion to view various plantations. What are some of the things you anticipate seeing on the plantation and what would be the deciding factor for your choice?

Option 2. You are having the last coffee of your life, who do you share it with and what do you talk about?

Create your unique story title in English ONLY

Remember, it's a "Creative Writing Challenge" - Be imaginative and original. Cover all the elements that make a good story.

Have Fun!


Here is a link with some Creative Writing Tips and #Spillthebeans Writing Tips.

⚠️ #spillthebeans MUST be your first tag, and if your story does not cover any of the relevant scenarios presented, your post will be muted for fairness to other competitors.

C'mon, put your creative caps on!

And ...

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I was so excited when I woke up and saw this... Finally!!!
I really missed spill the beans. I secretly wished for March to end quickly so I could get back here so immediately I saw it, I had to jump right on it.

Here's the link to my entry
Hope you enjoy reading 😊😊

 11 months ago  

We're pleased to see you back:)))


#Spillthebeans is back! I can't tell you how happy I am about this! I'll finally be able to overflow with creativity with these fun challenges. Here's my entry for this week's:

 11 months ago  

We are happy to re-open the club:)))


This is the correct publication in the corresponding community. The post with the error was noted as an error. A thousand apologies, I am very sorry.

 11 months ago  

All good ☕️

Greetings friend, good morning. Here I leave my participation this week, I really liked the proposed topics.

 11 months ago  


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I have missed this creative contest very much. Happy April! 😃

I hope you like my fiction:

 11 months ago  

Happy April to you. Hopefully, there won't be too many showers, except showers of blessing :)


Most happy to be back....🤗
Here's my entry:

 11 months ago  

It's good to see you here:)


Wow!!! I missed STB so much. I'm so glad it's back. Here is my entry

 11 months ago  

We missed your writing:)


Hello dear family, what a happiness that this fabulous creative writing challenge is back to read every day every story over a nice cup of coffee, here I leave you my entry have a happy afternoon

 11 months ago  

Thank you for sticking around!😁
We missed reading some of the lovely stories and expressive thoughts shared by various authors:)))


It was a pleasure to participate, this is my entry

Hello coffee lovers. It's good to be here again. I share with you a fictional story that narrates how an old woman enjoys a cup of coffee amidst nostalgia and remembrances.


I'm so glad we were called back to tell stories. Here is mine. Thank you so much.

Hello, my dear coffee lovers, I joined this challenge...

 11 months ago  


Good to have the prompts back, a big shout-out to the community moderators.

Here is my link to the prompt;

 11 months ago  


Greetings dear friends, what a joy to participate again in your creative writing spaces, here I leave you the link to my publication hoping you like it.

 11 months ago  


I've been trying to post since yesterday and I couldn't, finally, I hope you like it!

 11 months ago  


Sorry for the lateness due to internet problems in this part of the world but the post was completely ready and ready to be read. I hope you like it

 11 months ago  

Sorry for the lateness due to internet problems in this part of the world

We are human and understand that there are internet problems in many places across the world, including first-world countries.

However, just a bit of advice:

We would encourage you to observe all community rules, and in particular this spill-the-beans challenge. There is a deadline and rules for a reason.

Imagine if there were 9 people like you who decided to submit stories past the deadline, for whatever reason. The team would not have adequate time to carry out our responsibilities, which make this challenge possible.

Spill The Beans Creative Writing Prompt

Please take note of the big notice that late entries will be muted.

We hope that you will keep this in mind!

Sorry, it won't happen again

 11 months ago  

Ok, We understand the situation. Just remember for the future:)