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Come on over guys! It's that time of the week when Cinnamon Cup Coffee pours out the weekly prompt, giving you the chance to #SPILLTHEBEANS for our Creative Writing Challenge.

If you are reading this, you are invited to join this week's challenge.

See this week's topic below, with a countdown timer that needs to be observed. The entry deadline for posts ends on Tuesday at 20:30 UTC time, with the countdown timer at the top and the bottom of this post, guiding you to the cut-off time.

Thank you all for being involved so far, and for raising the bar. We hope that you'll have fun creating the stories that you continue to produce week after week. You all have been amazing, so keep shining ;-)


  • ⚠️ Post to Cinnamon Cup Coffee Community

  • ⚠️ Use #spillthebeans as the first tag

  • ⚠️ No less than 250 words and no more than 1000 words MAX!

  • ⚠️ Post in English ONLY

  • ⚠️ Post within the Countdown Timer. (No late entries)

  • One entry per person.

  • Drop a link to your entry in the comments section of this post.

  • Adhere to general community rules.

Late entries will be muted!

So, without further ado, here's the prompt for the week.

Create your unique story title in English ONLY

Option 1:

There is a new virus with a strange side effect. Those affected metabolize coffee at a bizarre rate, with the effect only appearing hours later. Not realizing you have this bug, you spend your morning enjoying several cups of coffee, but not feeling the kick. 3 hours later it all hits you at once.
Tell us how this goes.

Option 2:
A new special roast of coffee allows you to time travel.
However, there's a catch.
You can only use it while drinking the coffee. Once you set your cup down or finish it, you return home.
Where do you go, and how is the experience?

Remember, it's a "Creative Writing Challenge" - Be imaginative and original. Cover all the elements that make a good story.

Have Fun!


Here is a link with some Creative Writing Tips and #Spillthebeans Writing Tips.

⚠️ #spillthebeans MUST be your first tag, and if your story does not cover any of the relevant scenarios presented, your post will be muted for fairness to other competitors.

C'mon, put your creative caps on!

And ...

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This is mind boggling one. Now I'm toying with two storylines and hope they come out great!

Happy Sunday, my coffee friends, today I was a little bit down, so I had a good coffee and wrote a funny story to cheer me up, let me know what you thought, here is the link

It is a new week with new prompts, I was able to figure out one I wanted easily since we have one simple thing we want to do back then.

Wishing everyone a beautiful week. Cheers.

My respects and greetings to all.

I bring you my participation for Week 37:

Good afternoon y'all. I had fun with this one...❤️❤️

Great themes to awaken the imagination. Here I share my entry. Thank you very much.

Hello dear colleagues of the coffee world, today's exercise allowed me to develop a dark environment for the story, adding it to the approach of the week, I hope you like my work. A big hug.

Happy beginning of the week, here I share with you my participation of the week 😁

It was a pleasure to participate again, this topic made me think a lot, I enjoyed it a lot, I leave here my entry

It's been a wonderful week already. I hope you all enjoy this story as much as I did writing it:

hello friends, I am excited to have some time to write something for you, I love you very much here I leave you my publication see you soon

Hello my dear coffee lovers, happy day, here I am, just in time to present my participation in the creative writing challenge, a story written with love, I hope you enjoy it...

 5 months ago  


-Hi! This is my first time to take part on this challenge and to write in this wonderful community and the topic is really interesting and so much fun! Let me share with you all my entry!

Have a blessed day!🙏

 5 months ago  


Thanks a lot @cinnccf. All the glory be to God..In Jesus name!🙏 God hpess us all! Have a blessed day!🙏