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Welcome to our curation compilation of some amazing original coffee stories from community members around the globe. It's been an amazing week with joyous stories surrounding the history, pleasures, and fascination that we all have for our favourite beverage, coffee, that we have skimmed for throughout the week.

Cinnamon Cup Coffee likes to boost your energies with our strong coffee content, so here are some outstanding ones, which we thought you'd like to check out.
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A peaceful place to read, eat desserts and drink coffee by @flywithmarlin

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My tastes in coffee shops are somewhat discerning, that's why I don't drink coffee out of the house just anywhere, if I'm going to spend some money to enjoy the pleasures of life on street I at least expect to receive a result a great memory worth bringing back to the present in precious moments, that's why and especially when I have the inspiration to write romance, which is one of my literary passions in the realm of fiction, I always try to find a nice, pleasant and well-lit place where I can sit for a few hours to forget about stress, routine, and concentrate on writing with my laptop while drinking a good coffee and eating some goodies.

Is Necessity the Mother of Invention? You bet! by @dreemsteem

Next, take a look at why it's called CREEKSIDE CAFE!
Ahhh, the beautiful view that is right outside our little coffee shop! In the summer when the creek is filled and flowing - with flowers planted nearby, it is QUITE the lovely spot! Don't you think? Campers and guests and take canoes and paddleboats and head off into the distance to explore the very clear waters in the creek!

Coffee Shop by Day, Bar at Night by @yzamazing

Fin Café X Bar has an interesting concept. During the day, it functions as a café, serving various types of coffee drinks, but as the sun sets, the cafe transforms into a bar that offers a wide range of wine selections and other alcoholic beverages like beers and cocktails. It is simply a must-visit for coffee lovers and bar-goers alike.

The best Italian cappuccino coffee I've ever tasted by @eollarvesm

The preparation is an art in the kitchen, they allowed me to see the process step by step while I enjoyed a deliciously sweet cookie that they gave me, they also gave me samples of each of the beans to keep as a souvenir of my visit to this magnificent place, surrounded by the sound of birds and nature that was the perfect companion to taste this delicious cup of coffee.

A Cafe with a long historyby @coquicoin


Vomero Café, La Carlota, Caracas

I was with my husband running some errands in La Carlota. An area of the city that I have already mentioned on another occasion. Where in the '50s, many emigrants from Italy settled. Although it's still partly residential, there are now many commercial establishments, but maybe none with as much history as Vomero Cafe.

Saturday, Saturday… I’ve tried using a new tool for my espresso and a little mess occurred. by @mdosev

Earlier in the week I and my wife managed to escape during my lunch break and visited the Specialty place. We needed some air and diversity, especially my wife. She tries to stay at home and not move that much. We need another week in order to be completely calm and secure that there won’t be any problems when the baby is born.

Choco Cream Queen, the best frappuccinos in my city ☕ by @mariajcastro28

I didn't know what to expect with respect to those frappuccinos, well, I didn't have an ideal flavor, not even the ingredients it contains nor if I would like it, but I must say that as soon as I tried it I loved it, it was like a very cold coffee with milk with dulce de leche, condensed milk and whipped cream, a very delicious combination in my opinion and I certainly loved it.

Come and celebrate friendship and coffee at UCC by @explorewithsasha

On our way to the coffee shop, we noticed some people sitting outside, and I thought to myself, "I hope it's not busy," because the last time we went to visit the place, it was completely packed and we were not able to come in. I'm relieved that there are still a few tables available and that some people are leaving when we arrive.

Enjoying Labirint Tea at Industrial Unfinished Coffee Shop by @sitinurfauziyyah

One of the key elements of this design style is the use of exposed brick walls. The red bricks add warmth and character to the space, making it feel cozy and inviting. The raw, unfinished look of the bricks also gives the space a rustic and industrial feel, creating a unique and stylish ambiance.

Lost in the books at Cafe Talk Library by @juecoree

My mind was filled with a cacophony of thoughts and worries. The weight of responsibilities at work and family, the troubles of personal relationships, and the future uncertainties all weighed me down. I longed for a moment of respite. A moment that I can escape into another world, to lose myself in the pages of a book.

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Wow what happiness, very good morning, for me it is a great honor, thank you very much der truth that I love this community, I am new but here I have complemented me well, it feels like a big family that we sit down to drink coffee, talk, tell stories, anecdotes and even talk about beautiful cafes we visit, that's great, I could not go before I was sick this flu does not let me talk and discomfort was unbearable and today I'm a little better

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We are happy that you feel this way @flywithmarlin.

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Thank you for the mention and for including my blog in this great collection, and for all the initiatives you carry out for the community. You rock! 😊☕️

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Thank you for the support and congrats to all the other featured blogs. Just like a cup of warm coffee, may you and your awesome team continue to bring joy to the community. 🍵😊

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I had read some in this collection. I like the diversity. By the way, I'm delighted to be included. Thank you!

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Hello dear friends, it is an honor for me to apologize for not being able to be in hive these days, I am in the two weeks of evaluations and was full with those, I did not have time to make publications or pass through here, what a joy to see that my publication was made with love for this great community.