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Welcome to our curation compilation of sensational stories!

Community members around the globe contributed some fantastic original tales this week, centred around the one true elixir of life- coffee! We enjoyed the passion in these posts, and as all good coffee pals do, we wanted to share a cup of them with you!
Cinnamon Cup Coffee is centred around creating a virtual coffeehouse environment, which energizes its occupants with the digital ambience of coffee creativity. We hope you will adore these posts as much as we did.
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Coffee with milk and carrot cake

✨"The promo that the coffee shop was not offering was 1 slice of cake accompanied by two large coffees for only 5$, which I thought was very good, where I had never seen something like that and for being new is a great way to attract many people and enjoy their products." @davidpena21

Long time no see

✨"The plan was to meet at Arabika Coffee and we did get there first, but that place was packed.

So, Awake Coffee Roasters was our second choice and a better choice, I must say. The coffee here is better, and the food too. We sat down and conversed for about 2 to 3 hours or so; until the cafe had reached closing hours at around 11 PM." @riz611

Amelia and coffee

✨"What do you prefer to do on such a nice afternoon?
-Among other things, enjoy a good coffee.
So began my visit to the Amelia coffee shop, with a question from the waitress of the place, who was an extremely nice and friendly girl, and as the place only had a couple of customers at that time, she had time to exchange for a long time with me. " @indipnash91

#KOPIBAPER by Point Coffee

✨"#KOPIBAPER in English means Brittle Coffee. Baper is Indonesian Slang means feeling into it. If you watch a sad ending in the movie, then you feel sad, you will call a Baper. I think the reason why Point Coffee made a sub name of their coffee is because they need something familiar to Millennials and Gen Z, so when they once order it they can remember the name of that brand." @viviehardika

A Coffee at the Country Park ... sort of

✨"They didn't do fancy coffee so we had to make do with filtered coffee. My americano tasted like weasel piss. Not that I've ever drunk weasel piss but this is how I imagined it to taste like. I think my friend with a cappuccino fared a bit better. Anyway, it was hot and wet and that's all the compliments I can offer. At least it was cheap and cheerful." @ellenripley

Coffee, Coffin & Conversations

✨"SEVEN is a cosy coffee shop located in BGC. With only seven drinks to choose from, you're bound to find something that tickles your taste buds.

Can’t decide? Try one drink for every day of the week." @gabbiebi

☕️ From ally A Good Coffee🍂💞

✨"This drink is a good ally is a reality, it accompanies us in the mornings, afternoons and I have heard that even at night, in my case I prefer it before breakfast to activate me and start the day in the best way, without leaving aside that also in the afternoon is very special to combine it with a delicious snack." @marigerp88

A weekend full of happy emotions and tasty coffee.

✨"When opening the box, there was nothing like this dovone peach aroma from the last time, but it was still looking quite delicious. The aromas coming from the box were also quite fruitful and complex." @mdosev

A Coffee Latte Before Shopping at the Supermarket

✨"The conversation came up about whether to go grocery shopping, order food over the weekend, or order food by delivery. I told my brother that was crazy, but neither of us wanted to go to the grocery store. Ironically, the only thing that didn't motivate us to go was that Hiperlider sold coffee. My brother's phrase was: A clean sweep! An idiom refers to the fact that everything is picked up and work is paralyzed to go." @neruel

Goodbye dear mug

✨"I don't remember how I got my transparent mug or how long I've had it, but I liked it for several reasons. It was wide, so I could pour a generous amount of coffee. It allowed me to see the colour of the coffee from all angles, not just from above, as many mugs do. It allowed me to admire the tones it has when pouring and drinking it. " @aaalviarez

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