Unique egg coffee at an interesting book cafe in Da Lat


Follow up with the next articles about my unique and interesting cafes. Also because I live in the Central Highlands, a region consisting of mountainous provinces that grow a large number of coffee and pepper trees in the country. The terrain and climate are two distinct seasons with mainly red basalt soil, and brown soil suitable for coffee. Therefore, this highland also has a variety of coffees and rich flavors. In addition, I still have criteria for beautiful, unique and highlight cafes. Because the coffee experience is different from drinking a cup of coffee. It is one of them.




MOT shop is a cafe that combines the reading experience with the space of the shop decorated in the owner's own style. MOT is the name of a small rodent found in rice grains after being separated from the outer husk. They eat rice grains slowly, making the association with the image of a thoughtful person nibbling through the pages of a book with a cup of coffee more interesting than ever.


There was a feeling from the start of the precious quiet it could bring. Its address is at 44 Tran Thai Tong Street, Ward 9, Da Lat City, Vietnam. It can be a good choice if one day you stop by this popular tourist city.



I went on the 5th day and it was quite deserted, it is understandable that it is not located on the frontage of a crowded main street, and it is located in a small alley, more tech-savvy young people will find it easier to find. find it more than middle-aged older people. In Vietnam, the elderly will often have coffee early in the morning and prioritize shops with a lot of traffic frontage, convenient for meeting many people, or playing chess together. MOT coffee has a rustic design and modern touches, creating many beautiful spaces to take photos, attracting young and more modern people.



I ordered myself an egg coffee, the drink recommended by the waiter is the most popular here. I'm not too familiar with it because I've tried it, but I still pretended I didn't know about this strange-named dish. Because I like the way she talks about the drink with respectable enthusiasm and love. Because as you say, this drink must be done carefully in every small step


An egg coffee will be made from pure coffee that has been brewed through a pre-filter, usually by machine. They will take the egg yolk, add a little hot milk, honey, and salt and beat the mixture until the egg is fluffy and foamy, the light brown color is standard. A bit of cocoa powder will coat the top of the foam. Just create a decorative accent, and combine with the egg cream layer to create the final perceived taste. Because, to get rid of the fishy smell of eggs is not easy and honey, adding a little cocoa powder and keeping the coffee hot for a long time will balance and create a unique flavor. The medium fat, greasy of eggs and milk combined with a light coffee taste, quite suitable for my new day.

Most of the coffees here belong to the Rusbota line and are hybridized depending on the region. My friend who came later also ordered an egg cocoa, the same way with egg coffee and only changed the coffee powder with cocoa.


The price of coffee is usually 30000 VND (1.5 USD) and other drinks are slightly different. My most expensive egg coffee is 50000 VND(2.5$). I think is quite reasonable both in terms of quality and space.

I did not choose an indoor space or a balcony above the roof, a side corridor like this one I feel more interested in. I think that the color blue usually calms my eyes and the atmosphere is more comfortable than the smell of wood or books in the room. And above all, it restricts other people from going around me, and the dogs and cats are not in the house but are there.


Their owners also want them to be able to attract customers here. Everyone loves to pet them when they come near or lie at your feet. In addition, the store also opens some interesting content for customers such as plastering statues, planting small stone lotus pots for a small fee.


Essential oils and scented candle wax are also sold in small quantities as souvenirs. Because of that, before returning, I went around to visit and observe the small, creative details decorated with personality. Let's take a look at some more pictures.



Thank you for reading my blog about interesting cafes. Please stay tuned for other blog entries to come.


Jealous, I wish I could have an egg coffee at such enticing cafe shop !!!

It tastes better than some shops in Da Nang. The fishy taste is better eliminated.

 last year  

This place is so amazingly warm and inviting, and I'm tempted by the look of that egg coffee 😁
Yeah, there were some good posts, heh-13.jpg

Yes thank you, maybe here they use a little more rum when whisking the egg and milk mixture. It works well with the fishy smell of eggs and the taste is slightly different.

This place looks like something out of a fairy tale, having a good coffee accompanied by a good book is not to be despised.

I must confess that I did not know this variable of coffee with eggs, very interesting indeed. Thanks for sharing.

Yes, this is a new dish that appeared a few years ago in Vietnam. But the popularity is not high. It is difficult to prepare from the recipe and picky people to enjoy. I've noticed that young people like it more. Middle-aged people here like strong and simple coffee taste.

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