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At eighty-six years old, Michelle was lost in an unknown universe, she was immersed in a world of aggressiveness that was not her reality, she felt, heard, saw people stealing from her, or who entered her house to hide her things with the purpose, according to her, of driving her crazy.

Gabriella knew what the disease was, the doctors had explained it to her very well and the answer was that there was nothing to do, however, the situation caused her so much pain that she was reluctant to see her mother lost in that experience of fears, loneliness and rage, which was not hers, because although it is true that her childhood and adolescence was not a garden of roses, it was also true that, when she was lucid, the stories of that time were painted by the joy of sharing games and mischief with her eight siblings.

That is why Gabriella took great care to prepare meals that with their aroma would take her back to those moments, or she would look for music from that distant time that she knew her mother enjoyed, she would also sometimes take her to the shore of the beach where she was born, in all these experiences Michelle's eyes softened, her body felt relaxed, and although she could not make a sequence of lived events, Gabriella was convinced that the memories of her childhood made her feel tender, and that they kept her away from the bitterness of not feeling loved, so she was able to accept a hug full of tenderness.

So when she read in the press about a new coffee-based product that was able to bring back to the present the old and distant memories of her childhood, she did not hesitate for a second to try it with her mother. Today was the day to prepare it, the two of them were alone in the house and Michelle was particularly calm.

She prepared the special coffee and prepared for her a normal coffee, when she had them ready she placed them on the table in the corridor, where every afternoon under the shade of the trees they shared in silence the tasty drink, she went to look for her in her room, helped her to lie down on the lounger and brought her the coffee.

Michelle, as always, inhaled the pleasant aroma, with her eyes closed she took the first sip, Gabriella looked at her attentively, between one sip and another she began to observe how Michelle's face transformed, she did not pronounce a word, but a grimace slowly appeared on her lips, which as the minutes passed was transformed into a smile, a smile of pleasure, of pleasure of a memory that could only be of that childhood reunited.

Suddenly, she began to curl up in the chair, she looked like a little girl in her mother's arms, at that moment she began to laugh loudly, with her arms she made a movement as if she was pushing someone's hands away while she pronounced the word "Michí".

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Gabriella saw it clearly. In her memories, Michelle was in her father's arms, who tickled her and called her with that nickname he had given her since she was born and that only he called her that way.


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Beautiful creation based on those hard moments that sometimes we have to live when our parents or grandparents get sick and it is difficult to deal with the situation and not for lack of love, it is hard to see someone loved out of it, I would have also tried coffee with my grandmother who at the end of her years suffered with senile dementia.

Good morning @actioncats. Yes, how could one not want a miracle drink to alleviate those mental illnesses that plunge our elders into the darkness of living without fond memories.
Greetings and have a great day. 🙂

Old age comes with a prices and these losing of memories thing is one of them. I have seen elder who barely remember their childhood and it's normal for me because of the years interval.

Michelle would feel awakened with the memories and I would have loved to relive those days if I was in her shoes.

I enjoyed reading your story, it was interesting from top to the end.

Good morning @george-dee , yes running out of good memories is sad especially in the process where the person is realizing what is happening to them.
Thank you for your kind comment.
Have a great day. 😊

A great story. It would be wonderful to have an invention like this that would bring back the nice times. Thanks for sharing dear @damarysvibra . A big hug.

Good morning @irvinc, this losing good memories become a very sad experience for both the person who suffers from it and those around them.
Greetings, and thanks for commenting 😊.

 3 months ago  


Thank you for your support @cinnccf and for these great proposals. 😊

 3 months ago  

What a beautiful story! It is amazing that this coffee could help ease your mothers ailment, and provide her with a lot of joy! Thanks for the touching read

Good morning @grindan. Yes, how much fantasy goes through one's mind when it comes to alleviating another's ailment?
Thank you for your kind comment.
Excellent day to you. 😊