coffee and splinterlands? here's another character, ordo of coffee, great espresso

good afternoon to all those who, like me, enjoy a good coffee and post here in #hive here continuing with the intersection of concepts of coffee and @splinterlands an idea that occurred to me a while ago but I'm already somewhat organized with the concept and here I brought you another one


the previous one was the trigger and now it's the turn of a powerful weapon that destroys and awakens everyone haha ​​the idea of ​​these is to follow the same line where one is coffee, fantasy, the military taking into account that they could be part of the world of @splinterlands finally here as always I will leave you what was the creation process






and here ends today's post in this great coffee community, I hope you like it much more soon until next time




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 5 months ago  

Ha this one is fun. I'd probably let him shoot me with that cannon if it shoots coffee 😆

hahaha thanks soon more of this characters :D

 5 months ago  

I would wait for the shot with a giant cup 😁

Hahaha.. this is sweet and amazing... Cool art, a gun made of coffee cup 😆 hilarious, it is definitely a good art for splinterlands