A Coffee at the David Mellor Design Museum Café

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We went for a coffee at the David Mellor Design Museum Café near Bakewell today. David Mellor was a designer, manufacturer and retailer of kitchenware, besides other things.

The shop sells cutlery, as well as pottery, glass and crafts and much more. I believe his son now runs it. The unique, circular building is where the cutlery is made. There is a guided factory tour to learn about the history of the company.

In the 1950/60s, David Mellor also redesigned the UK's traffic light system.

Outside, there was a street scene showcasing his designs. David Mellor also created the pedestrian signal box, post box, bollards, outdoor seating, streetlights, bus shelters and bins. He was quite a talented man.

The inside is just as quirky too with traffic lights! When it was green for go, we made our way to the café! 😀

I had a latte and we shared a bakewell tart. Both yummy.

The café was really good and an interesting place to visit. I enjoyed seeing the late David Mellor's inventions. It's not every day you get a set of traffic lights in a cafe.

It was dog friendly too!


Wow, the interior is so extraordinary… I just love the traffic lights next to the tables! I would be very glad to visit this coffee museum. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you. My pleasure.

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The cafe is appealing overall, even the exterior view is intriguing. Somehow the photo with the traffic lights does not load on my computer, so I'm happy that I got to see it from my mobile:)

Sorry will try and fix it. I've noticed it before on Hive. X

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Ah, yeah! It's still not back up yet. That used to happen to me a long time ago. It's annoying. I don't think you're the only one who is expiring it though. Hopefully this problem will go away. xx
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Ah ok. I have changed it but it's 4 am here lol, so will have another go when I get up!

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It's all good now 👍... I see... The Stoplights was the cover photo:)

Very nice coffee shop! He’s very famous; I used to buy his cutlery years ago. The traffic lights! Traffic must be quite heavy in the coffee shop!

That's interesting. I'm afraid I didn’t buy any. Too expensive. 🙃

it's not everyday i see a unique concept of a cafe built in another fascinating take of a museum, it's definitely not something common where I'm from, so thank you for sharing your wonderful experience and boy that bakewell tart looks yummy! 😃

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