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Happy weekend to all, how tasty to have a coffee, stop by here and see the topics that make us remember, this time I participate in week # 60 in the challenge of #TheCoffeeShopPrompt

The photos that I bring today are taken yesterday I went out with my son to do some errands but I could not miss the indispensable stop to take and taste a delicious coffee with some cookies.

But it was not only a coffee with cookies, it was a coffee that we wanted to know a new place called Pallá, a very nice place with a very eclectic concept and black decor that gives a very elegant touch to the place, not only that there was a musical atmosphere with a violinist that attracted people.

My son and I love to know new places, so we have known many coffee shops, but before ordering we go through the counter looking at the windows and see a little beyond the obvious and then sit down and place the order to enjoy the moment.

We do this for a while now, because before I would go to a coffee shop or restaurant and without looking around me I would order to eat, it turns out that one day I went to a bakery I ordered a coffee and at the time of paying after I had already consumed beyond the counter next to a refrigerator, I see something move and it was the tail of a big rat. It gave me chills just remembering that I drank my coffee there without knowing where that animal could have passed through.

On another occasion I am in a cafeteria and I order a coffee and a carrot cake, while I am talking with a friend I hear voices in the next table and the lady complained to the waiter that she had gotten an insect in her juice of Jamaica flower and the waiter told her to excuse her because they had fumigated and the animals were like crazy, I was immediately disgusted and I did not finish the coffee because it was in porcelain cups.

After those two unpleasant episodes, when I go to a place I try to observe first a little to see the cleanliness and also the freshness of things.

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Lindo lugar

Gracias Miguel, para ti que siempre andas por la zona queda diagonal al Banco Central de Venezuela. Saludos

Ahhh ya he estado allí. Si es muy bueno. Fui una tarde y había una chica cantando

I love this kind of spaces, where you have fun and take a delicious cup of coffee

Gracias Maria si un lugar muy agradable y el café aparte de hermoso con us decoración estaba muy rico

Nice place and good company

La compañía de los hijos es única ellos siempre quieren ser consentidos y uno disfrutar de su compañía

The first thing I see is the cleanliness of the premises. It is the most elementary thing. I value that a lot when it comes to enjoying a good coffee.

Si bueno yo antes apostaba a que todos los negocios de comida eran limpios porque es el deber ser, hasta que vi la rata pasar sin importarle gente imagínate cuando es de noche... No no

This place has nice decoration. Places like this usually attract people. The place offers a cordial and friendly atmosphere to have a good time.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us.☕

Happy saturday.

Gracias por leer, si este lugar muy lindo ya esta ne mi lista de recomendados y favoritos

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It's great to see you stop by. Here's a coffee on the house.

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