A Tour of Madness in Istanbul

Happy Sunday, coffee friends, welcome aboard, I invite you to fly with me in an adventure full of emotions while having a cup of coffee.

I would like to invite to participate @crisch23


A Tour of Madness in Istanbul

The stressful work has become the only thing I do in my life, consecutive flights in different models of airplanes are our daily bread in the routine of a flight attendant, fortunately, my youth allows me to endure the large number of flight hours accumulated and then get a well-deserved vacation.

Everyone chooses the way to plan their itinerary, I am one of those who prefer to take advantage of everything, so I have no qualms in accepting the trips that other colleagues reject to earn more money in per diem and of course, have the opportunity to visit new countries.

Enjoying each of the cities I get to, became a routine that makes my diary fatten, so along with my 3 crew friends, as soon as the plane puts the wheels on the runway we immediately download on the phone all the necessary tourist guides to launch into the adventure, regardless of the tiredness and fatigue caused by jet lag or lack of sleep for that there is always our faithful companion the coffee.

Tasting the different varieties of coffee and the ways of preparing it in each culture is something fascinating and this trip to Turkey, after more than 14 hours of continuous flight from America, will not be the exception to our routine. I have read a lot about the magical Istanbul for its great historical beauty and ancient architecture, which is something I love to see.

Almost dragging my feet and with deep dark circles under my eyes stretching the length of my face, I ordered a strong coffee at the first coffee shop that crossed our path at the airport, it was nothing surprising, like any drink in these parts it was very bad. We took a tour with an inexpensive company to visit the Hagia Sophia church, one of the ancient jewels of Christianity.

The sleepiness didn't seem to go away and the heat of the city made it worse, my friends and I were as dead as a zombie, hesitation we had a giant-sized iced coffee at a place founded in the 1800s by a gentleman named Mustafa, although tasty it was no big deal because we were still out of energy.


From there we went to the spice market, trying to find some vitality we sat on a red carpet to taste all the requirements of the culture, and the best Arabian coffee in the area on the recommendation of the tour guide. I think we drank at least a liter of coffee each, tasting every type of bean and way to prepare it.

But the mind and body slump continued, at this point we thought we would be defeated by fatigue, then suddenly I raised my voice to motivate my friends and not give up, it was like a spontaneous impulse that surprised everyone.

Visiting the Blue Mosque was our next destination, in this place maintaining silence is a sign of respect for the place of prayer, it was then that I realized that Lucia could not stop talking, she seemed an uncontrollable speaker and accelerated her words raising the tone of voice describing each mural of the place, At the angry look of those who were praying, trying to calm her down a strange laughter began to emerge from inside me for no apparent reason, as it was obvious the clergyman of the place expelled us from the site threatening to call the police.

Surprised by what happened, we all started to laugh out loud, as at least we were having fun and sleep seemed to be leaving our minds. There was little time left on our agenda, so we headed for the big bazaar, in this spectacular market of enormous dimensions we started running around like crazy, I remember that the laughter continued, and the oppressive heat even made the most sensual of the flight attendants in the adventure almost take off her blouse in front of everyone, something very imprudent in such a religious culture.

An explosion of vitality came suddenly to our bodies all at once, to say we did crazy things is to be very modest in the expression we annoyed many vendors, we made others fall in love and even a woman chased us with a knife in hand for touching her husband in the private parts, because my friend thought she saw a strange lump according to her.

It wasn't long before the police found us on the complaint of the mosque cleric, on the way to the airport inside a patrol car and with sleep plus tiredness back together with a terrible headache, the officer told us that there was a virus in the environment that made the coffee had no effect or at least was delayed, so the head of security of the airline, knowing our wanderings and the amount of coffee we drank to keep us awake, contacted them asking them to bring back their chicks lost in Istanbul. Just for that, we were saved from knowing in the flesh the term Turkish prison.


This is an original writing made in Spanish, translated to English using the free translator https://www.deepl.com/ corrected using https://app.grammarly.com/

The divider was made in Canva, using multiple royalty free images from Pixabay, freepng vectors and freewing.

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This is so much fun; I can just imagine the calamity caused by a woman removing her blouse in a market in Istanbul. That’s truly something to contemplate.

Funny and frivolous, but so well detailed and location correct that it makes you long to travel. You made me laugh; throughly entertaining.

hello my friend, I had a lot of fun writing it and also imagining the crazy things that three women alone can produce in such a religious and demure city, especially under the effects of a few liters of coffee that fell on them all at once in a terrible heat. Thank you for visiting me and traveling with me in my imagination

 10 months ago  

You took me on an impressive, imaginable, and entertaining journey. I laughed so hard from reading this.
Super creative, engaging, and a joyous read.

Thank you for joining this week's challenge 👏


hello friend, I was a little depressed, and then I decided to prepare myself a good coffee and write something funny to make my friends laugh and cheer me up this hot Sunday, thanks for joining me to travel through turkey.

Yay! 🤗
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It was good that the owner of the airline was looking out for you, for sure you were in for a big sentence for having done so many crazy things. Touching a man's private parts on the street must be a big offense in a culture like that. Great story dear @flywithmarlin . A big hug from Maracay.

Hello happy evening sorry for the delay in responding, where I live had problems with electricity, yes, we were saved that were pending us and thus avoid more serious problems in that country, I imagine it must be a great offense ha ha ha, thank you very much for reading my story and enjoy it, I send you virtual greetings.

In my area we also have the same electricity problem, I post and comment when I can. Good day.

Haha I laughed with your story.
A lot of craziness due to the effect of the virus, luckily they didn't go to jail.

Happy night friend sorry for the delay in responding, where I live I had problems with electricity, ha ha ha ha that was the idea of my story to enjoy a time of laughter, thanks for strolling through my story, greetings.

My first time knowing a flight attendant here. Or is this just a fiction story for the prompt? 😅.,

Happy evening from Venezuela sorry for the delay in replying, where I live I had problems with electricity, I am a real flight attendant, and it is a pleasure to write on hive and read my passengers on board this great plane.

Istanbul is a place I want to visit because of the way they treat the kittens, but I wouldn't travel with people as naughty as you are, they are very tough.

Good evening friend, sorry for the delay in answering, where I live I had problems with electricity, I do not know what you say about the kittens, but I was curious, so I will investigate, sometimes the pranks make a boring and hot trip unforgettable and fun.

Welcome to Istanbul, I am sure that disrespecting people, our culture, our sacred values just for the sake of having fun will not be tolerated in your own culture. People should not do to others what they do not like to be done to them.