An afternoon over coffee

Hello coffee friends, happy Monday, welcome back on board, today I take you on a flight full of many feelings, I hope you enjoy it.

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An afternoon over coffee

This unique story begins on a trip that I happened to make to India. As you know, this is a country with a civilization whose history is narrated in texts more than 5,000 years old, as well as its customs, temples, and palaces, which represent the sample of the great things that the human being is capable of achieving.

I remember the sunny afternoon with an oppressive heat, as my friends and I ventured through the primary market of the city, its colorful culture was a real delight as we walked through the narrow aisles full of people enjoying and eating. A government tour guide recommended that we visit the Buddhist temples to pray for good fortune and take souvenirs of the trinkets sold by local artisans.

From here things started to get strange, when the car we were traveling in stopped at a traffic light, a mysterious man, but very well-dressed in an impeccable white suit and blue turban, looked me straight in the eyes and smiled at me, at the same time he took out of his pocket what seemed to be the dried stem of a rose, then it was there when the magic showed itself because in seconds, the small stick turned green and from it, sprouted the most beautiful flower I have ever seen in my life.

Almost in a state of denial of what I had experienced, which only I could see, we arrived at the Buddha temple. At the place, a monk gave us a tour of the facilities and without my expecting it, he gave me a small wooden medallion, similar to a compact, and told me that good fortune would accompany me forever and that the jewel would help me when I needed it, because the magic had noticed something in me.

That gift made me feel very honored and with a kind gesture, I thanked him. Later, in the solitude of my hotel room, I decided to take a bath and prepare a giant cup of Nescafé, to watch a Netflix series for a while as I relaxed. Without realizing it, I tripped over the mug with the towel wrapped around my head and spilled the coffee on the table, which went straight into the locket.

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For some reason, the coffee was a trigger that activated the magic of the artifact. From it, steam came out and slowly transformed into the figure of a tall, elegant man with wonderful facial features, which reminded me quite a bit of the Buddha statues that can be seen all over the country.

Surprised, I confess that I did not feel any fear, but on the contrary, it was absolute peace, heavenly, a positive magical energy that radiated throughout the room, a sense of spiritual satisfaction. The divine being did not utter a single word, but spoke directly to my mind, asking me to tell him a wish that would bring me peace, but that had to be linked to the coffee that brought him to this place, like a magic potion.

For a moment, I thought about what I could ask for, a hundred earthly things went through my mind like money, material goods, palaces, jewels, a harem of beautiful men, and who knows what else, but then, I understood by his disapproving face, that this being could read my thoughts before I said them, besides I realized that thinking about that, was an insult to his holiness full of celestial energy.

Convinced that I had finally found the desire that would bring me peace, without insulting the good fortune that had touched me, I told him that my request was simple, but longed for, I wanted him to allow me to share at least once a month for the rest of my life, an afternoon drinking coffee and talking in the tranquility of a space like the paradise promised in the ancient scriptures, full of vegetation enjoying the company of my mother and grandmother, who passed away years ago.

The man looked me straight in the eyes and with a smile gave me his approval, pressed the palms of his hands together, tilting down his head, mentally telling me: Granted! May the peace and magic of coffee grant your wish.


This is an original writing made in Spanish, translated to English using the free translator corrected using

The divider was made in Canva, using multiple royalty free images from Pixabay, freepng vectors and freewing.

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Hey, @flywithmarlin It's not an easy task to think about only one wish, especially one that involves coffee. Great thinking on yours:)

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Hello dear friend, thank you very much for reading my publication, you are very right, there are so many things that coffee can give us that thinking of just one that makes you happy seems an impossible task, that's why I took the time necessary for that genius to give me something really special.

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