Magical Encounter

Hello coffee friends, welcome aboard, I invite you to fly with me in another adventure full of emotions while having a good cup of coffee.

I would like to invite to participate @luzvicente


Magical Encounter

Vacations are coming, a full week, free from daily chores and the daily stress that overwhelms my life. This time, I received an invitation from a childhood friend who now lives in a small town in Spain, she told me in a video call that she is about to get married and wants to meet with her closest friends to help her plan things for the wedding, of course, I could not refuse, since she is like a sister to me, plus I have several years without seeing her and honestly a trip to the European continent would not be bad for me.

After a long flight of more than 10 hours in a modern plane, I arrived at Barajas airport in the city of Madrid, there is the first thing I did was sit down to eat a good Spanish-style breakfast and ask for a large cup of coffee to regain strength before continuing my adventure, when I left the passenger area my dear friend Carolina was already waiting for me with a bright smile that did not hide her excitement to meet me again. I was also very happy to be able to hug her after such a long time and delay us more, we walked quickly to her car to talk while we still took advantage of the sunlight to take the 2-hour drive to the remote agricultural settlement where she currently lives.

When we were already quite advanced on the road chatting about old times, Carolina told me that we should make a stop in a gypsy village where her grandmother lived, so she could meet me, which made me curious, since I had never met anyone from this culture. Still, I had always heard many legends about their tendencies to be very close to ancestral magic.

When we arrived at the place, it was not what I imagined, the supposed village was nothing more than a few carts in a vast expanse of land where they grow grapes for wine production. A sweet old lady of more than 90 years old gave us a warm welcome and received me with as much pleasure as if I were one of her granddaughters, they are very kind and cordial people who invited us to spend the night with them so that we would not take the lonely road in the dark.

After a majestic dinner with fresh country products and a delicious baked chicken, the grandmother invited us to the outskirts to warm up in a bonfire, where she put water to boil between the burning logs while in front of us, she began to elaborate a handmade coffee grinding the beans on a stone with a wooden roller letting the magnificent aroma of a high-quality bean that surely they cultivated organically, like everything in this place, where you could feel the magic of being in direct contact with nature.


I think that this was perhaps the tastiest coffee I have ever tasted in my life, it had just the right amount of everything, but the most spectacular thing is that they never brewed it, only the grandmother boiled the powder with water and waited for it to settle, and then served us with a wooden spoon in the cups made with the shell of a fruit that looked like the wood of a coconut. When I finished drinking the beverage, leaving some coffee powder at the bottom, the old woman took it out of my hand and turned it over on a white cloth she had already prepared, as she began to pray in the gypsy language.

My friend took me by the hand and asked me not to be afraid, it was her way of thanking me for the visit and a great honor, the fact that the leader of the tribe used her ancestral strength to read the future in the traces of my coffee, something with which I felt flattered, and I was ready to pay the most incredible attention to everything she told me.

As a way of proving to me that this was not a game, first she began to tell me things about my recent life, simply impossible for me to know since not even my friend knew them. Then with a smile she took my hand and began to talk to me about the future, many hopeful things came out of that magical reading, in the twilight illuminated only by the dying flames of a bonfire.

However, what caused me the most impact was the idea that he told me had been fixed in my mind for a long time without coming to fruition, but that he assured me would come true in the coming months, that visit would be the beginning of a new path that would bring me to progress within the European continent, as he told me, I was destined for great things and for that I had to emigrate from the country where I was currently living, In doing, so I would have the opportunity to grow in the tourist environment, in his vision, I would be the owner of a thriving business related to the attention to people who would come from all over the world to drink coffee and enjoy the great desserts that I would make, that premonition filled me with great joy and I hope that it really comes true.


This is an original writing made in Spanish, translated to English using the free translator corrected using

The divider was made in Canva, using multiple royalty free images from Pixabay, freepng vectors and freewing.

All Rights Reserved


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  • @flywithmarlin , you beautifully captures the essence of the moment and paints a vivid picture. It's a reminder that sometimes the most magical experiences can be found in the simplest things around us. Keep sharing!

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     11 months ago  

    Your visit with Carolina's grandmother provided you with the best cup of coffee of your life... but also with the knowledge that there is a lot of work ahead of you. Awesome to know ahead of time that it will all work out though, if only we all got that gift during a big change!

    Clever writing.jpg

    Hi happy afternoon, yes really that was the best coffee my main character could have and that's what I wanted to reflect even in the images I searched for my story, I think the same as you, how nice that gift would be in real life.

    Yay! 🤗
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    You have the uncanny ability to bring scenes to life with your visualising descriptive writing. I loved the scene with the grandmother and how effortlessly you transitioned from the mundane to the magical. Sweet, sentimental story.

    Hello happy Monday afternoon, I was in love with this post, yes the scene with the grandmother was one of the best for me, perhaps because I miss mine who is no longer on this plane, thank you for those beautiful words I will continue to do my best to bring good stories to this great community.

     11 months ago  

    Wow, @flywithmarlin - This was my first read for the day and you made my morning feel magical. The scenes you created were beautiful and you took me on a real cultural experience. Everything was imaginable and believable and I felt transported to Spain enlightened by old traditions.
    Come Over For A Chat-6.jpg

    Hi dear friend, this message left my heart full, it doesn't matter if the day was rough at work, when you get home and read this kind of comments, the rest of the day disappears and reading something like this brings out all the smiles that were missing in a day, I feel that here in this community I have learned to write good stories, every day I put my heart to be liked by the people who make life here, so much so that the reader can feel every word, really thank you very much for these great words, it helps me to do better, I'm glad you liked it.

    A great story with a touch of magic :) This is brilliantly written! Made me imagine things as you describe them happening ❤️

    Hello thank you very much for your words, I'm glad you liked it, and you could feel every scene written in my story, that was the idea.

    While I was reading this story I felt like I was there tasting the great coffee with you
    My mouth is watering already

    LoL 😆 anyways nice to read your beautiful content

    Happy Monday afternoon, I am amazed how I managed to make every reader feel every scene of my story as if they were living it, it was really my idea to make them feel that, and I think I succeeded, thanks for reading my story.

    You are indeed a great author I love your hardworking spirit

    A spectacular journey with a great and beneficial revelation. I liked the ending of happiness that the protagonist faces. Very nice story.

    Hello, a very spectacular trip and full of magic, the happiness that she feels I tried to transmit it as much as I could even with the images so that the reader could feel each scene written, thanks for reading my story.

    Very good story I dream of going to have coffee in Spain but reading your story I imagined myself there near you.

    Hello friend, I also dream of visiting Spain, believe it or not, I haven't had the opportunity to do it yet, although with this story I manage to go and take them all with me hahaha, it's incredible how with words all the readers of this story felt sitting there with my protagonist, I love this story, thanks for visiting my publication

    With history and our imagination we have come a long way

    truly a vivid tale filled with great descriptions, the emotions of the characters can be felt in every line you have written.