When the big idea juggled its way into my life

Nice Sunday to all my coffee friends, welcome aboard, on this day I invite you to fly with my friend Chang Lee who will visit me with news that will change everything.

I would like to invite to participate @eollarvesm


When the big idea juggled its way into my life

Like every morning, I get up very early, even before the sun rises, and I sit for a while to reflect on my life, thinking about the way to elevate my future to success while enjoying a giant cup of black coffee with lots of sugar, it is a habit I acquired in my working days which I treasure as a great memory, therefore, I am sure that in some of these moments, a great idea to change the world will come to my mind.

But something is different this time, when I see the screen of my phone, I realize that I have several missed calls and an unusual amount of messages, which at first scared me a lot because when someone contacts you at that time and with such desperation, it is never for something good.

When I started to listen to the recordings I noticed the nervous voice of my friend Chang Lee, there between tears and desperation he was asking me for help, since he was fleeing with his wife from China, in a United Airlines plane that will land in my city in a few hours.

Completely surprised, I took a sip of my coffee and realized that the flight was only minutes away from landing, so I ran to the airport to rescue him, still not knowing what was happening.

Chang has been a great friend for a long time. When I first met him, he was a monk of the Shaolin temple, an expert in acrobatics and martial arts, I had no idea he could have a wife, let alone why someone so peaceful could be in trouble.

Upon his arrival, we sat in a café at the airport, and then he told me about his problem. The Chinese religious wanted to kill him for having betrayed his vow of chastity and falling in love with a girl and getting her pregnant.

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As I listened to him, I put my hands on my head and heaved a heavy sigh as I thought to myself, "The Chinese when they get into trouble also make it big" At the same time, I wondered, how could I help him, as my financial situation is not the best in the world right now.

A young waitress was bringing more coffee to the table, but she stumbled awkwardly and everything on the tray went flying through the air, with an innate reflex developed by years of training, Chang literally flew through the air with endless acrobatics and kung-fu moves, she managed to pick up each of the products before they crashed on the floor, without spilling a single drop.

It was then that the big idea came into my life, fueled by the rich aroma of the coffee I was drinking at the time, as I looked at Chang and his wife with a mischievous smile, before telling him: -Welcome to America dear friend!

In just two weeks, we managed to reopen the small coffee shop on the corner that had gone bankrupt during the pandemic, it was a great deal for the owner to rent it to me with all the furniture for a low price. There we completely changed the place and turned it into a great Flare Bartending style entertainment space, my friend Chang practiced very hard day and night, to bring his millinery techniques to the preparation of coffee, achieving an incredible show.

We are already the place that the whole city talks about on social networks, where you can see Chang doing the acrobatics that only a Shaolin monk can achieve, transmitting to you the peace and wisdom that many seek in their hours of rest from the office, while enjoying a good coffee.

In addition, if you prefer a tea, you also have the opportunity to savor it with a special touch, served by an expert in oriental tea leaves, which if your want will give you useful tips for good fortune in the best Chinese style, for an additional price.


This is an original writing made in Spanish, translated to English using the free translator https://www.deepl.com/ corrected using https://app.grammarly.com/

The divider was made in Canva, using multiple royalty free images from Pixabay, freepng vectors and freewing.

All Rights Reserved


This is so exuberant in its style. Fabulously entertaining piece of fiction. In my mind’s eye I can see those acrobatics and they’re perfect.

Hello friend, happy Sunday from Venezuela, thank you very much for your words, it's good that you liked it, I enjoy writing for this initiative so much that I get into the character and the whole world around it, I also imagined the acrobatics while I was writing, hahaha it's inevitable ✈️🤹‍♂️

I already want to go to that coffee shop and meet Chang Lee, and get his advice.
I enjoyed reading your story. Congratulations.

Hi hahaha, you are welcome to our fun coffee shop and enjoy the great show my dear friend makes when it comes to serving coffees and teas, thanks for stopping by my post ✈️🤹‍♂️☕🍵

Chang Lee's acrobatic skills have opened many doors for him. I'm glad you were able to help him and give him a future on this side of the world. Poignant story.

Happy evening, yes, my friend is very talented and that opened the doors for us to set up this cool coffee shop and thus solve his situation, thanks for reading my post. ✈️☕👪

Yay! 🤗
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 9 months ago  

This was such a lovely read. It's like I was teleported and watching and watching some amazing acrobatics unfolding right before my eyes:)
Gosh STB.jpg

Hello dear friend, happy evening, it makes me very happy because I had a lot of fun writing this story, believe me I imagined every scenario while shaping the words, I love this writing challenge, it would be great to observe something like this. ✈️☕🤹‍♂️

Good story...very interesting.


Hi friend, thanks for stopping by my writing world, Mmm coffee with pizza is great, I will enjoy it to the fullest, thanks. ✈️☕🍕


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Now that is putting great skill to work! Definitely a win-win to all. Hahaha. This was really creative. I enjoyed it!