Self-Healing, I Just Go Out For a While and Enjoy Ice lemon Tea


Hello hivian friends 😃👋

Wise people say that life is a journey from one problem to another. So no matter how small the problem we must face and solve it. Do not let small problems become big and make us depressed.

I agree with that. Many small problems that we let end up becoming big. Everyone has their own way of dealing with problems. In my opinion, the first thing to do is calm down. This is difficult, because when we have a problem, we tend to be emotional and angry.I'm also having trouble dealing with a problem. It's hard to contain emotions. But as I get older, I can control my emotions. To be calm and not emotional, I have a method of Self-Healing, I Just Go Out For a While and Enjoy Ice lemon Tea. how could that be?

Self-healing is very necessary when there is a psychological disorder. There are many ways that people usually do, such as relaxation, meditation, and yoga. Unlike the others, I just need a moment of me time. I don't know why, when I have a problem I have to calm down myself by going to a cafe and ordering cold lemon tea. My "Me Time" method really helps me to feel comfortable and relaxed. Sitting in the cafe alone for a while, ordering lemon tea and then focusing on feeling the freshness. As the cold lemon tea went down to my throat, slowly the irritation, anger and discomfort were replaced with calm. If it's calm, then I can think clearly. I began to understand myself and others until I became grateful for the life that was given.

You can also try my self-healing method. Find a place / cafe that is comfortable for you to "me time". Order your favorite drink then enjoy your moment of solitude. One of the cafes serving the best cold lemon tea in my town is Arch Eatery & Coffee. Alright, I'll tell you a little about the atmosphere of my favorite cafe.

Arch Eatery & Coffee

This cafe is my favorite place when I need some quiet. Besides the atmosphere of the place feels like home, the lemon tea is also the best. Not many cafes serve lemon tea with real lemon slices. Usually only use artificial lemon flavor or instant lemon tea. But in this cafe tea and lemon are made manually. The tea is brewed and then squeezed with water from the lemon. Then some of the lemons are cut and put into the lemon tea. It's very fresh.



This cafe has two main rooms, indoor and outdoor. The room inside is very homy. We are like being at our parents' house. The furniture used is also like the chairs and tables in the living room in a house. The decorations on the walls and chandeliers make the atmosphere even more like home. The outdoor part of the cafe is also comfortable. The atmosphere is beautiful. The nuance is a home garden. Lots of shady flowers and trees. But if I had to choose, I'd rather sit and enjoy lemon tea outdoors.


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Location :

Arch Eatery & Coffee 🧋
📌 Arif Rahman Hakim Street
C8 BTN 2, Way Halim
Bandar Lampung, Lampung


Hivian friends, this is a story about how I self-healing. Also about the atmosphere at Arch Eatery & Coffee. Hope it can inspire you all. I also want to know about how you guys do self-healing, I hope I can read the comments on this article.

Note :

I use google translator from Bahasa to English,
All photos is mine, I use camera Handphone : Redmi Note 10S,
Edited with Snapseed Aplication, just for Cropping, Brightness and Contrast.

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 6 months ago  

Hello @kakilasak,
I've enjoyed reading your post, and I concur with your views on taking control of our emotions. Your having tea is a great idea, and you seem to have found a lovely little cafe.
Wishing you a lovely week ahead:)

Thank you for reading, I hope you have a nice and happy day