Saved By Lilly.

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Hello, it's my first time here.

"Help me! I have been stuck in this factory for a decade!" My eyes were glued to the handwritten note I found in my newly purchased package of coffee, my lips fumbled and my hands began to jerk.



Lilly my little girl had tried to play with the package I left on the table while I went into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee for the day and when I returned my eyes stumbled on the note which looked like it was written in a hurry.



"Is this a joke or something?" I murmured and took a closer look at the note, looking for an address or signature to start in the first place but there was no trace as to who the individual was.

I drove to Lilly's nanny place, with her food and diapers.."Ms. Becky, please take care of my little angel for me, I will be back in the evening to get her but if you don't hear from me please drop her off with Hannabel, She should be back before 6:00 pm." I left in a hurry without answering Ms.Becky's question asking me where I was going.

I quickly drove to the nearest police station and showed them the note I found in my package of coffee but the response I got from them made me feel like I was insane.

"Are you sure you are not in a trance Ms. Theresa?" The superintendent asked almost laughing at me. "There is no signature, so how do we locate this person?" He asked yet again.

I left feeling disappointed but the voice inside of me kept telling me to do something.. "Someone is in danger and you could be their last hope."

I sat in the car for about ten minutes thinking the thing over, "My beautiful angel Lilly, my sister Hannabel and Ms. Becky, they love me and cannot afford to lose me, What if this is a set-up to harm me?" My mind kept racing.

"I'll locate this company no matter what," I concluded, I checked the address of the company found on the package of the coffee which says Zander Coffee Company located at Sixth Street, off White Valley's Road.

I turned on my Google map as I wasn't familiar with the location, said a prayer and zoomed off.

It took about 3 hours to get to the location.."Damn, is the company this far?" I whispered and before I knew it it began to rain heavily.. "Ops! I am stuck."

I checked my time and it was about 6 pm and the company was secured with a very big fence and the gates were massive."How do I get in now?" I was left with solving so many puzzles.

I got out of my car and headed to the gate, I started to hear screams from the other side of the gate. "Shut up and sit down!" a deep voice commanded and soon the other voice screaming hushed.

"This is the company and the person is right in there!" I concluded I was determined to get inside the company no matter what, so I began to disguise myself like a mad person, I had my hair scattered and wore the back of my outfit and I began to knock at the gate furiously, A light-skinned man came out and o.ned the gate. "Who are you?" He asked and then I began laughing hysterically, I held him by his shirt and bit him on his arm, he screamed and left allowing me an opportunity to get inside

So I wore the outfit I found in the gatekeeper's room, It was a cleaners' uniform so I picked up a broom and headed to the other side of the company, so body stopped me because I looked like a staff.

I walked straight to where I first heard screams and then I saw a small house meant for dogs, I was too scared to the bones that I might be eaten by guard dogs, but when I looked deeper, other than seeing a dog, I saw a young lad who is about 20 years old, tied and locked in the small house, "What!" I whispered, I looked carefully that no one was watching so I walked closer and whispered, "Hello. I am here to save you, I found your note."

When he read his eyes up, he was Ms. Becky's son who had been missing for over a decade, We all thought he was dead so we forgot about him.

I was left in shock but knew I needed to act fast! " Find me at Zander Coffee Company, Sixth Street off White Valley's Road, It's an emergency!." I dropped a message to Hannabel and Johnson my friend who worked as a security agent in one of the biggest companies.

Luckily, I had a master key so I opened the small house and untied Joe, he was so weak but I tried to encourage him to be strong so we could be out of the place, as we were both leaving, I heard some footsteps behind me.

"The gatehouse is open, where is he?" Before I knew it they were chasing us, but we kept running praying to reach the main gate before they got hold of us sadly the gate had been shut.

I quickly went live on Instagram and cried for help, spilling the location to my viewers before the men got hold of us.


And in less than thirty minutes the whole place was filled with the police and that was how we were saved, Ms Becky was so shocked to find that her son was sold by her best friend in exchange for a working visa to another country for a better life and so she was thankful that she eventually found her only son who meant the world to her.


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Oh my God, Joe should be thankful to Lily and you for taking the chance.

This was indeed so beautiful to read, Going on live has been helpful as many people would be willing to help out too.

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Whoa imagine someone close doing that all for a visa to another country.
Good thinking there by Ms Theresa by dropping a message for the nanny and using Instagram to keep herself safe.

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