Review: Café Puro Venezuela

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Hello lovers of good coffee and beverages that nourish the soul, I hope your day is going well.

In most Venezuelan homes, every morning there is a ritual of aroma and flavor of coffee, mostly elaborated by the Creole technique of boiling water, strained in the typical cloth strainer, which has an amount of ground coffee according to the taste of each person, this ritual or rather it is an art, is a descent that for centuries we have acquired from generation to generation, until today. I am very grateful to my generations for this marvelous art, I love coffee and I cannot deny it.


There is nothing more pleasant than a good aroma and taste of coffee in the morning, it stimulates our sense of smell and taste, which inspires us lovers of good coffee, to continue delighting ourselves with more coffee, transcending beyond the extrasensory, transmitting sensations of peace, pleasure, acting as a tranquilizer and stimulant, among other sensations that it produces in us, And you, what sensation does coffee produce in you?


I continue in the dynamic of sharing with you reviews of Venezuelan coffee, in this opportunity I will show you the Puro Venezuela coffee, with a presentation of 100, 200 and 500 grams ground, it is gourmet type, with a medium-dark roast and a fine-medium grind, belonging to the [CAFANCA](https://cafanca. com/), produced in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela by Distribuidora Nacional 2000 C.A. (DINACA2000), located in the Industrial Zone Los Montones, Barcelona, Anzoátegui State. Other coffees distributed by the company are Café Anzoátegui and Buen Café. It is a company with a coffee history in the Venezuelan market of more than 60 years and is the first to receive the Q Arabica Grader certification, from the hand of its Quality Manager, Eng. Joel Rincones, by the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI), here for more information.


My husband, as he knows that I am in search of good coffees to review, had been talking to me for days about this coffee, that an employee in a store here in Marigüitar, had recommended it to him, that it was good, that it had a nice presentation of a macaw, I was so eager that his words were engraved in my subconscious, then on Saturday when he was in Cumaná with my daughter Sofía, we were shopping and coincidentally in the old store called El Famoso, I do not remember the name exactly, [here](https: //maps. you can find its location in Cumaná. The truth is, I was walking through the aisles of coffee and immediately my mind reflected me the macaw, I immediately remembered everything my husband said, I took the coffee of a presentation of 200 grams, to see if it was what it said, if it gave a point to the packaging of coffee, the colors are very striking and especially the pretty macaw, has on the back of its packaging, has nutritional information, the company, how to prepare it, type of grinding and roasting, among other information.


When I got home, I told him everything and he was very happy for the purchase of the coffee, he was eager to try it, but I have the habit that, as long as there is coffee at home still available, no new package is opened, until it runs out, I admit it, I was very cruel, but the rules must be respected 😁. It was Monday, when the package was opened in the morning, my son was in his room and I heard him say: "What a smell, is that mom", and he was right, I had liked the fruity smell, there was also a slight smell of chocolate, another point I give him, for his captivating smell.


I started to boil water, I put a generous amount of coffee, you know I like it pure, when the water boiled, I began to strain it, the aromas it gave off were soothing, they relaxed me while I breathed in the smell, I was not the only one, I had my husband at the kitchen table 😅, waiting to try it, It was pure as I like it, I immediately prepared his cup, I put sugar in it, he still doesn't adapt to drink it without sugar, his first impressions were of acceptance, I imagined it was great, and it was, the taste is gratifying, it leaves you that pleasant sensation when drinking coffee, another point in its favor for its flavor.


I continued brewing more coffee, a little lighter to make coffee with milk for breakfast, the combination with the milk had a good texture and flavor, my children were delighted, I'm not going to lie, it is still not my favorite coffee, but it is in the margin of a good coffee, I only had to try it Guayoyoyo style, remember that Guayoyoyo is a typical very clear coffee, I preferred to pass it, since I do not want to drink it with sugar, I will not drink water with coffee flavor, another day it will be, for the moment I keep drinking my negritos and the ones with milk.


My friends of the good sips of coffee, I will continue in the search of new coffees to try and graciously share with the community. Let's go for more coffee to try. I bid you farewell. Until a new meeting between me and my coffee, thank you for reading and I will gladly read your comments, greetings...



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How cool that you found this coffee your husband was talking about previously. The colors on the packaging are very vivid and you can easily spot it in the supermarket. Happy to hear that you all enjoyed the fruitful flavors of this coffee.

It was nice to please him, he was delighted with the coffee.
The colors of the packaging, if you fall in love. It is a cafe for all ages, the family enjoyed it a lot.

 last month  

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Thank you, it is a pleasure to be here with you, happy day loaded with many blessings and good cups of coffee

Aha, we have this coffee at home and I can attest that it is very good. A black coffee prepared at home is always very healthy and tasty.

It's good that they have it at home, it's the first time I've tried it. That's right friend, everything prepared at home, it is better enjoyed, everyone at home loved it

Ufff... A black coffee prepared at home is the tastiest thing that exists, the flavor is unique and quality 😍😍😍

Sister, that's how it is, and Katty style, even better. These are the ones that I have always enjoyed with great enthusiasm.

Maybe in our style guayoyo has a special flavor, I saw it recently on the supermarket shelves, but I have not tried it, whenever I go shopping I always go with my Anzoátegui coffee, it's almost a habit, hahaha... but I will start trying other brands to see how it tastes. Thanks for the recommendation.

Guayoyo is our tradition and specialty. I know you're going to like it, it's from the same company that distributes Anzoátegui coffee.
We all have our special coffee, I support you there, but in my search for good coffee, it has led me to try a variety, until I find the one that truly hypnotizes me.

Hola @neilamarcano , cuando vuelva a visitar Oriente me encantaría que nos tomáramos un café Venezuela, es una de las bebidas preferidas, en especial el cappucino o latex vainilla si es e máquina je je.

Hello friend, I would also love your visit, drinking coffee from a machine is no problem, there are different coffee shops here to suit your taste. Greetings 🤗🥰

Hola amigo, a mi también me encantaría tu visita, tomar café en máquina no hay problema en ello, aquí existen diferentes cafetería a tu gusto. Saludos 🤗🥰

You have left me captivated and with the desire to also live my other experience with this coffee, I loved the wood as you described the narrative.
It must have been a sacrilege to wait a few days to taste it.
Thank you for your presentation friend @neilamarcano

I'm glad you liked it, I hope you're encouraged to try it, it's too good, this coffee