Kedai Kopi Atok in Medan City

I made an appointment at Kedai Kopi Atok with an architect who designed a house for me. At that time, coincidentally the architect was in Medan City, so we set a meet up at the Atok Coffee Shop located at Ring Road Street No. 88G, Sei Sikambing, Medan Sunggal. The coffee shop is perfectly located at the culinary spot of Ring Road Street. We could find a lot of coffee shops and restaurants there.


After making the appointment to be at Kedai Kopi Atok, I drove my car from the Grand City Hall Hotel, at the heart of Medan City. It took about 30 minutes to arrive at Kedai Kopi Atok because that night there was quite traffic. But I was enjoying the trip. I got there with my son.

If you take a look at the map below, Kedai Kopi Atok is pretty close to our hotel. If it’s no traffic, it takes only about 15 minutes to arrive there.


This is the look of the front side of Kedai Kopi Atok. It’s for the first time I visited the coffee shop. It looked cozy with pleasant atmosphere in the surroundings.


Upon arriving the there, I found my architect was already being there sitting at a table which is close to the bar. I got in and greet the architect. We will discuss some ideas on design of a house for me.


After taking my seat, a waitress greeted and pleased me to make an order and she was handing me a book menu. As I need a cup of coffee, so I ordered Espresso Coffee Sanger. Coffee Sanger is a special coffee menu from Aceh Culture, which is a cup of coffee with a little milk. As written on the menu book, the price of Coffee Sanger is IDR 20k. It’s about $1.5.


Waiting for about 5 minutes, the waitress took a cup of Coffee Sanger to our table. Here is the look of Coffee Sanger. It’s arabica coffee espresso based. And we usually called this coffee: Sanger Espresso. Before espresso was introduced to Acehnese coffee culture, Sanger was made with Kopi Sareng.

I can’t hardly wait to sip the Coffee Sanger. The coffee is arabica from Gayo Highlands. The coffee is known with their heavy body and plenty taste hints and aromas.


Well, the interior of Kedai Kopi Atok is pretty good with nice lighting. The room is not so spacious, but it’s okay for having a quality time with friends and family. The wall decorations are also pretty nice with a perfectly selected colors.


I came there with my son. He was busy with a game in his smartphone. Sure, he didn’t drink Coffee Sanger. He just ordered Milo milkshakes.


Oh, you know, the coffee shop serves traditional banana chips. It’s proud of them that a modern coffee shop still provide traditional snacks.


Yeah, so I also enjoyed the banana chips with Sanger Espresso. It’s a tasteful combination. Have you ever tried them?


Kedai Kopi Atok
Ring Road Street No. 88G, Sei Sikambing, Medan Sunggal
Medan City, Sumatra Island, Indonesia


The place looks cozy and nice. Also good that they serve banana chips :) I've never tried Sanger Espresso, hope to get a taste of it one day :)

Sanger Coffee and Gayo Coffee are two types of coffee menus that I usually order when I visit Aceh's coffee shops. Hmm... the place looks very comfortable and spacious

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