Coffee And Chocolate Milk During Any Weather Circumstance ☕ Coffee Shop Prompt No. 10

We've often been to Amsterdam Zuid-Oost (South East) for a myriad of reasons but not for coffee per se. Because of two major events - King's Day on April 27 and Bevrijdingsdag (Liberation Day) on May 5 - in the Netherlands the last couple of weeks, that changed.


Especially being on the go during most hours of those days and needing a place to reenergize and rest in between. On King's Day we spotted 30ML Arena Coffee and Food, which is part of the 30 ML Coffee Roasters franchise (having sixteen locations at the moment).




From the outside 30 ML looked unspectacular - the usual unadorned walls and terrace outside - but as we entered its doors we immediately felt welcome by the homey features and seating areas, greenery everywhere and huge round light bulbs. Gems like these validate my preference to sitting inside while drinking a hot or cold beverage.



Because it being warm and sunny during King's Day I ordered an iced coffee - which refreshed and cooled my dehydrated self - while my co-coffee-enthusiast ordered the usual cappuccino. The foam was thick enough and the mid roasted Arabica beans in the coffee resulted in the right middle ground of the flavor profile: not too bitter, nor too sour.



On Liberation Day - we were nearby because of some local performances - it was a mix of rainy and sunny weather though, so of course we had to stop for some shelter and warm beverages. One in the party ordered a hot chocolate drink and another a cappuccino and I was advised to try a "seasonal" drink from the menu.



That is why I ordered the Tiramisu Latte (latte macchiato with tiramisu syrup, whipped cream, finger biscuit and cacao), which wasn't overly sweet, had the right amount of bitter and cacao flavor. The drinks were also served with a coconut and lime cookie, which was soft and paired well with the beverages. The hot chocolate was also creamy and full of flavors, without being overpowering.

After trying some of 30 ML menu items, I'll try more of their beverages with summer approaching. This is my entry into The Coffee Shop Prompt: No. 10, which is hosted by the Cinnamon Cup Coffee community. Which coffee shop did you visit lately? Let me know in the comments below or better yet, share it in your very own Coffee Shop Prompt 🤓.

Find more details about the prompt here:

Chasse into the backstage! 💃


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 11 months ago  

I never experienced Queen's Day or King's Day in the Netherlands, only Leiden Ontzet, which has an massive crowd and festivities.
After thinking about this prompt, I've realised that my preference for coffee shops is indoor. The ambience is great inside, and there's something lovely about seeing all the coffee parapharnelia while dining:)

Oh I'll have to research Leiden Ontzet. This is teh first I've heard about it. Thanks for the advice!

The ambience is great inside, and there's something lovely about seeing all the coffee parapharnelia while dining:)

Same for me! I like seeing how the owners decorate, especially with plants. And because of where I'm from (the Caribbean) I either avoid the sun or the cold 😂.

I'll see whether I'll be on terraces coming summer.

 11 months ago  

Leiden Ontzet is Oct 2 -3 :)

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 155 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!