Curbside Coffee On A Hot Summer's Day In Hamburg☕ Coffee Shop Prompt No. 26

As I've said in my previous post, I'm so out of the loop about everything on Hive, but that didn't deter me from Hive "habits" as I kept enjoying the world around me. And when it comes to this community I kept enjoying my caffeinated drinks in my time off of Hive, be it hot or cold.


Those who are familiar with most of my posts from the past six months know about my struggles with the cold or chilly weather in Europe and I've got some good news for them: it's warmer and hotter the last couple of months! Yay! 😁 With that comes my cravings for colder beverages to "hydrate" (not sure how hydrating caffein related drinks are though 😅).


Oh well, that didn't stop me from enjoying those brown relaxing bitter drinks on our last day in Hamburg last week. It was a hot summer's day and we had some time to spare after a quick brunch and some last sightseeing efforts. Because we had already checked out and it being a bit tiring lugging our bags around the city, we decided to drink a cup of coffee to recharge and for me to cool off.



We decided on a small local woman owned coffee shop (bypassing the more commercially known Espresso House) named The Bakery's Coffee, which has a 4.7 star rating on Google as of now.



And though we usually sit inside we opted for a curbside seat outside, because it was way too hot. My drink of choice was a tall glass of iced vanilla latte, while my traveling buddy went with the usual cappuccino. The latte was heaven send as it cooled me down and relaxed me instantly, no sugar needed. If I didn't pace myself my companion wouldn't get a sip to taste. The cappuccino was just right.



Friendly service with a smile and a touch of familiarity with the local patrons, next to top quality coffee, is what we're looking for when in (local) coffee shops and that's exactly what we got at The Bakery's Coffee. The statement sign on the wall only cemented our belief that we made a right choice. The many restaurants, shops and the central station a stone's throw away from this café, were added bonusses.



After having recharged and cooled off, we made our way back to the train station and said goodbye to this beautiful bustling city. This post is my entry into The Coffee Shop Prompt: No. 26, which is hosted by the Cinnamon Cup Coffee community. What are you looking for in a coffee shop when enjoying that brown caffeinated drink? Let me know in the comments below or better yet, share it in your very own Coffee Shop Prompt 🤓.

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I was very struck by the coffee in the tall glass, Was that the vanilla iced latte? As much as I try to imagine it I can't! I must try it because it must be very delicious!🍦☕️

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Have a Coffee-Licious Day
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It's great to see you active again, and I relate the the negative effect the cold weather must have had on you. It's never something people like us from warm countries fully get used to or even appreciate.
It's great that you have been visiting coffee shops and that you have been enjoying some lovely cups of coffee.
You're looking very well, and I hope that you're getting to keep up with your fitness activities. I have not been and it's mainly because I have been so discouraged due to the weather. It's been the longest spell of grey and rain in the Uk in recent years.
You're very welcome. Have a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Day!-8.jpg

An iced coffee is one of the most delicious and refreshing drinks, so I can imagine how much you enjoyed it. I too sit outside when it's hot, but I like it much better to be inside when it's very cold in Bogotá. Greetings and happy travels.

My grandmother used to say that a good coffee warms your soul. I hope it accompanies you during the cold. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos


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El café es el elixir de mi vida QwQ eso se ve geniaaaaal