A letter to my granddaughter and a special cup of coffee


When you feel the breeze blowing hard, don't hide. Close your eyes and feel the wind brushing your cheeks, they are my grandmother's tender kisses.

When you see the grey clouds coming, don't be afraid. Think that soon the rain will come, rain necessary for the plants to bloom, like your flowers my little one.

The first drops announce the rain, maybe it's a storm, but don't feel sorry. Go to the kitchen and turn on the coffee pot. Take that special cup I gave you, the one that belonged to my grandmother and is now in your cupboard.

May the house be filled with that delicious smell of coffee and cinnamon. May you feel every drop sounding on the roof and a hug that I leave you.

May the deafening crash of rain on the roof and in the garden, be like a pile of applause to this blessing of the day. Rain is a blessing and what better time to enjoy a good coffee.

Every drop of rain, every sip of coffee, brings to your mind the memories we made when we played in the tree house and baked cakes.

So many experiences my child, so many kisses and hugs. So many stories and songs. When I hugged you to comfort your crying, when we laughed out loud. When we walked hand in hand through the park. When we ran in the rain.

How many memories a rainy day with a cup of coffee can bring back.


Right now I see you sleeping. The rain is running down the window pane. I have my coffee in a special cup and I am writing you this letter so that one day, when I am no longer here, you will know that the rain and the coffee bring you my kisses and hugs from wherever I am.

To my little granddaughter with all the love in my heart.


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The photos were taken with my ZTE Blade A3 2020 phone.
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 6 months ago  


Thank you very much

 6 months ago  

This is such a sweet memento to leave for your granddaughter 😊! Coffee and rain are a beautiful way to remember a loved one when they are gone. ☕️

I am happy to share this moment with you. My granddaughter is my great treasure and the relationship we have will surely remember her forever. Thank you for stopping by

I loved this letter full of poetry to tell your granddaughter that when you are gone she will be able to feel you even in the rain. I was very touched.

A cup of coffee while it rains, can bring great inspiration, at least that has happened to you and it was beautifully demonstrated.

Thank you very much for stopping by. The combination of a coffee when the rain falls is my favorite. It will be the legacy to my granddaughter.

I really liked your post, almost poetic prose. The Rain and a hot cup of coffee is priceless. Your granddaughter is very beautiful, take good care of her.

Thanks for sharing.
Good day.

I live for that, to take care of her and teach her the good things in life like coffee and rain.

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