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I have always preferred my coffee in the garden. I used to live in the country, I had a large garden with ornamental plants that mema kept me entertained watering, pruning and every morning I made my first brew, that delicious aroma of coffee filled the house. I would take my little morning cup, the first freshly brewed, reddest coffee was always for me and I would approach my garden.

Praying, meditating for the beginning of a new day, feeling a piece of nature inside my home. That's how I started my days.

Today is a little different, I live in the city and no longer have my large garden to tend and pamper. Now, for space I have a couple of potted plants that I dedicate myself to take care of and keep beautiful.

Coffee is still my companion in these moments, a good cup to go out and admire the view of the mountains that surround the small town where I live and talk a little with my plants while I water them and remove the weeds around them, that's the awakening I like to have.


I really can't imagine changing this routine. I am an older woman and since many years ago when I retired and dedicate my days to rest at home, the morning coffee in the garden has been my great companion.

In fact when I visit coffee shops or visit some relatives, I prefer to have a good snack coffee outdoors, among the plants to feel their energy and give them mine.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to enjoy this combination of coffee + garden, I invite you to take your favorite cup and try it, you will feel a pleasant moment.


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I have enjoyed accompanying them for another week

I don't have a garden and I would like to have space for one, however, the place where I currently live is not suitable for it, however, I agree with you, I love an outdoor café full of nature.

Totally true 😅😅😅

Having a good cup of coffee in the garden is the best, relaxing, comforting and without a doubt, it puts us in tune with nature 😍😍😍