My favorite place to enjoy coffee


Hello to all my hivefriends! As a coffee lover, I really like to visit new coffee shops and places with nice atmosphere to forget the routine, feel that I pamper myself and that I care about myself, going out for a coffee is more than an outing, for me it is a ritual of tranquility.

When I arrive at the coffee shop I automatically visualize the place and select the corner that is available, away from the door so as not to be disturbed by those who enter and leave the establishment, away from the bar so that the people who order and the waiter do not bother me with their step. Away from the bathroom and the garbage to avoid unpleasant odors.


I like a corner with a table, if possible in the open air, if it is air-conditioned I try to be where the air gives me direct access to it. With natural light because I always have a book available to read while waiting or while I enjoy my coffee.

I am a fan of vanilla latte, that is my whim and my weakness. If it comes with a cookie I refrain from asking for an extra one. If it comes alone I ask for a package of homemade cookies to enjoy by inserting my cookie into my latte to moisten it.

I have been doing this since I was a little girl when my mother would make that famous frothy latte. It brings back that memory of seeing her happy face watching her children enjoy the snack.


At this little cafe I went to with my daughter and granddaughter a few days ago, I sat in the perfect corner. The decor was minimalist and the pastel colors gave it a vintage feel.

The coffee was delicious. I wouldn't trade it for anything, that special moment for me, of relaxation and enjoyment with the ones I love. It was magical.

I hope you like this visit to the coffee shop. Thanks for joining me and see you soon.





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Lovely pictures, ma'am. Seeing that you found a good spot to enjoy your coffee with cookies and a book is great. And you enjoy of yourself. Hugs 🤗

Thank you very much. That's what I recommend to young people, to have a moment to meet in peace and quiet with a good book and a cup of coffee. Have a blessed day.

I support this. As young people, a good book and a cup of coffee is a good idea. Have a wonderful day too.

You have very good arguments when selecting a good place to share your cup of coffee, friend @tere.alv , I will definitely take it into account when I visit somewhere. The way you drink the coffee made me remember how my children enjoy it with bread or cookies.

I am glad you stopped by to visit my publication. These are recommendations that we should not forget to spend a pleasant time in the cafeteria. I hope you find my tips useful. Happy beginning of the week to you.

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 6 months ago  

Away from the bathroom and the garbage to avoid unpleasant odours.

This looks like a lovely little coffee shop.
You seemed so happy there.
I'm not a fan of dipping things in my coffee, such as bread, because I don't like soggy bread at all 😝

Thanks for stopping by:)
You're very welcome. Have a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Day!-8.jpg

Hola amiga, que buen momento y mas con un rico café.

Good tips to enjoy a good coffee. 😊👍🏼



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My friend, I loved the ambiance and how relaxed and beautiful you look enjoying your cafecito.
These are the moments that we deserve and that we have to repeat often.
A hug.

Amiga mía, me encantó el ambiente y lo relajada y hermosa que te ves disfrutando de tu cafecito.
Éstos son los momentos que nos merecemos y que tenemos que repetir a menudo.
Un abrazo.