The reflection of the coffee cup: Perfection vs. happiness


I haven't had a cup of coffee in a long time. I got away from that vice as my therapist calls it because I am very controlling and I realized that coffee was controlling me. No one can control me, so I gave it up.

Automatically my life changed. I like everything to be perfectly in its place and it seems that with the absence of coffee in my life that perfectionism increased and I started to become a little hostile.

It stresses me out deeply when things are out of place. I started having stress meltdowns when dishes stayed dirty until the next morning, when towels were out of their drawers and when books and children's toys were all over the house.

The final straw was the day I didn't make it to the office and my daughter found me washing every tile in the bathroom with a toothbrush and lots of cleaning products.

I was sent to a spiritual retreat that had just opened on the outskirts of the city. A place to learn to live and to know ourselves.

I was very upset with this decision they made, apparently they were joined by my family, my therapist and my boss who told me to accept the spiritual retreat or I would be fired. I packed my bags, with a frown on my face until the last moment and got into a cab that took me to the place.

I confess that as the cab was pulling up to the place my mood began to change. I no longer felt annoyed with the world and I began to use muscles in my face that I had not used for months, such as the smile muscles.

It was impressive for me to see the view of the city, the mountains and that cold and pleasant weather. I felt comfortable in that place.

As soon as I walked in I made it clear that I am a Leo and that my birthday is coming up. So they assigned me a beautiful room and a cup with the Leo sign on it. They explained to me that they use caffeine to stimulate the body and soul in a deep connection.


For my birthday they arranged a meditation session for me. I was in a beautiful garden and a cup of espresso accompanied me. The aroma of the coffee made me relax and clear my senses. I closed my eyes and took a sip from my cup.

Something happened at that moment, a very bright light almost blinded me. I felt afraid, I didn't know what was happening. Maybe I went into some kind of trance and the strong and imposing lion in my cup started talking to me.

He told me that my behavior was not right, it hurts me and hurts those I love. Then he let out a roar that made me shudder and said a very important sentence:

Don't seek to be perfect, that doesn't exist. Seek to be happy and enjoy a good coffee.


After saying this I felt like I was waking up. I sat up and seemed to fall asleep on the grass in the garden. Then I realized it was all a dream. I got up and when I went to get the cup of coffee that was on the coffee table I was petrified.

There was a small note in my handwriting next to the coffee cup and my glasses. The note said exactly the phrase the lion said to me.

I sat down, reflected and without realizing it, I finished that cup of delicious coffee.

I left that place happy, renewed and with my beautiful cup of coffee to continue enjoying life to continue enjoying life.


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 7 months ago  

I no longer felt annoyed with the world and I began to use muscles in my face that I had not used for months, such as the smile muscles.


A great inspirational message there to help you find balance and increase your tolerance:)

Thank you for sharing such a detailed story with this week's prompt:)

# #STB

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I'm a Leo, too! I need a mug like that with a talking lion printed on its side to tell me how I can stop being a control freak, ha ha ha ha.

I'll start by throwing away the toothbrush I use to clean the guests that enter my house 🤣

Reading something good like this story makes my day.

Thanks a lot for a nice read, @tere.alv ☕😁🤎

Good narrative 😊👍🏻. Here's to happiness

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@tere.alv Oh dear I hope you follow the advice to the letter, I'm glad you shared that wise reflection, because many of us get lost in life and let it go.
A big hug.