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In the past, whenever people in my part of the world began arguing about whether "coffee was an amazing beverage or not", I usually excuse myself and go as far away as possible. Why? Because that argument would most likely never end right due to the intrusion of fellow anti-coffee humans.


A superstar once told me a few things to never try arguing about in public and; religion, football and I would graciously like to add coffee to that list. Again, this is only because a majority of the people in my part of the world do not appreciate coffee for what it truly is and as you would imagine, my friends were not left out.

Ninety percent of the reason why I used to walk out of coffee arguments was because I didn't just have the strength to ramble when I indeed knew my truth. The other ten percent was because I never truly proved the power of coffee to myself so I would basically be arguing with no form of evidence.

However, this changed sometime back. On that fateful day, I woke up after a short night's rest and was very anxious. This was because I had a truckload of tasks to carry out and twenty hours were practically remaining in my day. I knew I wasn't going to finish up everything before dusk yet I kept pushing myself.

Along the line, I came in contact with my packet of instant coffee which was never hidden away from plain sight and at that moment I thought "a cup of coffee wouldn't be so bad". Like clockwork, I boiled myself some water and prepared the coffee.

As I took sips of the coffee, it felt like everything fell into place. There was this sudden calmness and reassurance that everything was going to be okay if I just took deep breaths and went at my own pace.

Everyone loves a good victory story and the afore-narrated story is always my golden key to stop the imminent arguments about coffee amongst other stories.

It reminds me of a time when a friend of mine almost slammed the cup of coffee I was drinking out of my hand when she came visiting. She claimed that I was just pretending to enjoy the drink and that although she had never tried it out, she knew that it was "rubbish" due to the reviews she had heard.

The first question I asked her was "why would I be pretending to enjoy the drink? To impress you?" In her dreams. The follow up question was "why slander an innocent beverage when you haven't even had a taste of it?Why do that?". I gave her space to think about the questions and after a minute or so, I presented my cup of coffee to her and said
"If you still hate coffee after tasting this, only then would your hatred be valid".

As you would imagine, I didn't get my cup of creamed coffee back. I didn't need to give her a lecture as to how coffee tasted or a lecture behind the allure of it. All I needed to do was hand her a cup of coffee and let her see for herself.

In the end, I told her that people's tastes differ and as such they may like their coffee extra sweet, extra creamy or just potent either way, coffee is still coffee.


After our little conversation that day, my friend didn't turn into an ardent coffee lover.No. But she definitely wasn't among the masses who said terrible things about the drinks. I felt accomplished. Why? Because my aim wasn't to convert her to a coffee lover but to open her up to the endless possibilities a cup of coffee has to offer.

Love, Wongi ✨


As you would imagine, I didn't get my cup of creamed coffee back.

This made me laugh so hard😅😅 Next time she would keep mute while others trash talk coffee.

open her up to the endless possibilities a cup of coffee has to offer.

And that you did. She is probably taking coffee everyday now, and you just don't know about it.

Nice work here dear. I enjoyed reading this!

That's right, she could as well be taking coffee in hidden corners😄 without me knowing. Sly😂

Thank you so much for coming around 🌼

Hehe, she ended up taking your cup of coffee. So pleasant to read.

Thank you so much for reading 😊

You're welcome.

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It's cool that you could share your passion for coffee without expectations when confronted about your love for it. Sometimes people just don't know until they know, but that doesn't mean we have to try to nudge them to our way of thinking. I liked how chill this take on the prompt was 🤗 thanks for sharing!

Thank you so much for finding time to read😇

Sometimes people don't know what they are missing out on until they try it themselves. Your friend might end up being a coffeelover someday.

I wouldn't be surprised 😄

Many of us had hard time explaining how we have different taste, some instances are like that and yes adding coffee to that argument that people shouldn't go to is something I would definitely do

Hehe.. thank you so much for stopping by 😊😊

👍👍 you are welcome. Was fun reading

It's baffling how most people slander without experience. They judge coffee without sipping its essence.

This is always my thought..why slander?

I also think we should not go for arguments in the case of coffee because it's a non-stop argument. It's better to avoid argument.

That's right. I agree with you on this.

Haa so you didn't get your cup of coffee back 😂😂😂

No I didn't hun

It's the audacity for me though, what's even your business if this person is pretending, I just love how you cut her irrational small minded thinking. Because common why force oneself to do something they don't enjoy. Please stay with your truth. There are a lot things you don't have to answer this days. From #dreemport

That is it but most times, it's ignorance that causes these things.