Wise Persistence Brings Victory

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Knowledge that does not apply becomes the same as old bread thrown away. When we have a development that doesn't show the results we expect, when the value of the stock drops and when users leave the platform, then we know that there is a mistake somewhere that needs to be fixed. If we have $ 100 million, we can give $ 1 to each of 100,000 users, or $ 10 to each of 10,000 users, or $ 100 to each of 1,000 users, etc. We predicted that a platform would have to be built on which other Steem Tokens would be built, that did not happen and we started to regress, the users lost enthusiasm. Every new token depends on support, money and a marketing campaign, Steem itself has not grown strong enough to push other Tokens. This is where we come to a discrepancy between our desires and our reality, we want it to stay the old way and to achieve new successes and heights. We must not allow @justinsunsteemit to be our excuse for failure, we need to look forward to the future and give our utmost to merge two different logics into a successful business model. The liquidity needed to set up fast transactions and the security we have with Steem Power should find common ground in the interest of raising Steem value. This is just one part that will accelerate the development of the Steem ecosystem, with the greater value we automatically have a more attractive status to attract new users and investors.


Greater decentralization and separation of investors from the influence of voting for witnesses would lead to greater democracy and freedom, a path that would give us the power of creativity. Persistence is stupid only if we make the same mistakes, we cannot break the wall with our heads, and now we can see that after four years we have not achieved what we believed. More and more users want to see change, to move in the direction of growth that will restore our enthusiasm and opportunity to move forward.

When we say victory we mean that we have enemies, it is just an expression that should lead the whole community to a victorious path instead of constant decay. It is not a point to win our dreams, our investments and be left alone with several hundred users because it is a shame for the potential we can reach. Greater responsibility and focus is what we need now, it's the same as with the Corona Virus, we talk like it's a joke, and in fact, we are now at a turning point that can lift us to the top or destroy us.


The sense of success is the moment we miss, now we have a split on Justin and for Justin, instead of all of us together for a change in the direction of synergy and development. It doesn't matter what the name is or what country it is from if it will do good to all users, we need to make our visions and realistic proposals for change that can help us. If it is just who will rule, then for me it is not a decentralized system where there are freedom and democracy. I am sure that users want to experience security and prosperity, well-being and decentralization where everyone can say what they think and feel and that is why they are rewarded.

Night becomes the day, the seasons change and our time becomes a future that will bring great challenges and creative projects. It is not easy to become a leader in difficult situations, it is not easy to admit personal mistakes and take new steps. There is no easy success, no easy money, there is persistence and focus on creative development based on failures and mistakes. Positivity and enthusiasm is the key detail that can separate us from failure, now is the time to become serious and professional people.


What can I buy with Steem?

I wish there was a project where we have a million products and services that I can buy directly with Steem. I want our kids to use Steem Blockchain as if it were Facebook, I want us to be original and creative in all aspects of the business. I would love to post my products and sell them for Steem, but the existing stores are not advertised enough so there is almost no interest in doing so. If the only way for investors to make money from Upvote is for businessmen to write blogs then this is not enough for big and talented players, we need to grow as a serious social business network.

A bright future lies ahead



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Indeed @dobartim. Persistence, dedication and ability to overcome times when we want to give up is what makes us strong and victorious.

Resteemed already. Upvote on the way :)

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Thanks for your nice comment

We win together ✌️✌️

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I want people like the corona virus to disappear and a good person to be a witness.

I am with you 100%

Dear @dobartim

I absolutely enjoyed reading your post. One of those that are indeed worth my time :)

It did surprisse me a bit to see how you ploted 'justin' into your story. I didn't think this post will be partly about him. lol

When we say victory we mean that we have enemies
Ehm. Not necessarily. I kind of disagree with that statement.

ps. perhaps you could consider using 'enter' more often? It would make it much easier to read.

Have a great monday buddy,
Yours, Piotr

Thank you for kind suggestion. Have a nice monday also

Well said @dobartim.

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Congratulations on your optimism.
But the HF20 and HF21 lead our favorite platform to ruin.
It is not normal for me to be punished by robots and receive negative votes from people who do not post or comment.

РР Resteemed and Upvoted .

I agree 100%

Yes, I totally agree with you. when things don't go the way we want, there is an error somewhere that needs to be fixed. I strongly agree.

I hope the slightest error on the platform can be fixed immediately. and no one blames each other


I need to say each of your posts has very impressive words. I want to ask, are you a journalist? because you are very good at stringing words.

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