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Since I was a child my mother has loved horror films and it seems that I have the same taste in my blood. A few days ago I thought of creating a community. I wanted to start something small that could perhaps become something big. I was lying in my bed watching horror videos on Youtube. And just as a scientist created Frankenstein, I created my community:

Hive Dark Side Community


This community is the perfect place for lovers of the paranormal and those strange things that happen from the darkest side of everyday life and make you shiver. A place where you can share your stories, drawings, videos, and many other things related to the paranormal.

Also with the help of @mervin-gil we have created a contest in which we will give 30 Hives to the winner of the contest. The winner will be the person who has the most imagination about the theme we choose.

This week the participants will have to represent the Covid as an Evil Entity in a horror movie.


You can go to the community and read more about the contest and its rules. I hope that in this week many can participate, or at least a few. If you can share, it would be a great help. Little by little we will improve the community and integrate new features. See you next time!

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Esta era la comunidad que hacía falta en Hive, cuenten con mis publicaciones.

Sería genial verte por aquí. Actualmente está algo apagada, la reviviré poco a poco, pero está complicado hahahaha. Si decides publicar, estaré agradecido.

perfect. now i have a place for my NIGHTMARES!

You're welcome here anytime. It will soon be filled with many people, lovers of horror. Thank you very much for the support, I appreciate it. I hope you have a lot of nightmares tonight. 💀

Anotado en tu comunidad

¡Espero tu entrega dude!

Nice post

Thank you very much! You can stop by the main post and read more about it. It would be great to have more participants.

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I will have to make the most of my creativity, and about this world virus, the only thing that comes to my mind is the series the purge, let's see what I come up with.

I often have nightmares lately, is it because of this post

Hi perceval, I have uploaded a post (that I already deleted) from my boyfriend and one of my best friend Javie Er, about videogames, someone has unjustifiably reported me, I have uploaded these posts with the authorization of both people, you who read the same post outside of HIVE misinterpreted it and accused me of scammer, however it has not been any plagiarism as it is 100% authorized by said creators. They have even helped me in the realization of the post. be carefull before taggin someone as scammer, ask first before do anything. they label me as scammer when i'm not. thanks for that.

No no, don't come with that. You're obviously plagiarizing. All your posts are copycat shit.

Are you telling me that the creators of the HobbyConsolas and Vandal articles gave you permission? LOL