doesn't that mean this project could eventually take value from HIVE?

If its superior to Hive i hope it takes 100% of the value and HIVE dies. Thats how crypto should work.
That will not happen, ofc, so i see no problem (even if that was the case) with them wanting to develop different solutions to problems.
We should praise those kinds of things, not fear them... or am i just being naive in actually believing in what crypto should be about?

How many different projects came from Ethereum? Did they take value away from Eth or did that establish Ethereum as a industry leader?
Let new projects compete so we can showcase the strength of HIVE.

I mean they are openly saying here that they will develop for Hive so i dont get what the problem is

And to respond to @birdinc so i dont write 2 comments.

Your cardinal sin on Steem (now Hive) was launching your own blockhain?

No, his cardinal sin was that hes a nutjob that threatens to physically hurt people and that hes an overall unpleasant person.
Avalon (or whatever its called) would have actually hit the funding goal had he not been such a jackass.

I like @heimindanger, as he's always been a nice person to me and very professional. DTube will almost hit its Round 1 funding goal now. I'm very excited for the future of Avalon.

Of course! But they've slipped it in ever so subtly, people don't even notice. Masterful platform politicians in action 😀

Can't take value from something which has none

Your cardinal sin on Steem (now Hive) was launching your own blockhain, right @heimindanger?