OpenSeed Now Supports Hive!

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Hello Hivers (that’s gonna take some getting used to),

This community has been through a lot in the past few weeks but now we’re excited to transition from constant fear, uncertainty, and doubt, into focusing on the promising future of Hive and OpenSeed.

OpenSeed’s Mission

For those who don’t know, the mission guiding OpenSeed is to build a more socially aware internet. It was our belief that Steem would be the backbone of that socially aware internet, while OpenSeed would be the “connective tissue” that would help people connect, communicate, and collaborate all while maintaining control and ownership over their information … but then Justin Sun happened.

While the circumstances were far from ideal, now that Hive has successfully launched, we are excited to see that Hive is now more decentralized and community-driven than Steem ever was.

OpenSeed Moving to Hive

That is why we have decided to adapt OpenSeed to work with Hive! These changes are now complete, which means that OpenLink (our mobile encrypted messaging application that is nearing beta release) is already a Hive application!

OpenLink: A Chat App for Hivers

That means encrypted messaging will be coming to Hivers soon, either in the form of OpenLink, or any application that integrates OpenSeed and leverages the chat feature. This enables a unified, cross-platform, and cross-application chat feature that allows users to “take their chats with them” as they move from one Hive application to another.

Barriers to Adoption

The two major barriers to developer adoption of OpenSeed are: 1. that there is no website through which they can create and manage developer accounts, and 2. there is no javascript library for easy integration into web applications.

That's why we are now focusing our attention on developing these solutions, but if you are a developer who would like to assist us in completing these projects, we currently have 556 SBD and 964 HBD(!!!), which we are looking to give away in exchange for help! Best of all, you'll be helping to make Hive applications, and the Hive ecosystem, even more powerful.

Rewarding Community Members

In our Steem Proposal (now Hive Proposal) we committed to redistributing all of our rewards back into the community and we are happy to say that we have rewarded our first community member with 1,000 SBD (this was just prior to the release of Hive). That community member is @midlet who has contributed in countless ways to the project including through creative assets, UI/UX feedback, public communications, and more.

We have a lot more exciting updates coming soon, so be sure to follow @openseed on Hive, join our Hive Community, and stop by our Discord server. Don't forget to let us know if you are a front end developer who can help!

Join Our Hive Community!

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Honestly can't wait to see the first apps go LIVE on Hive <3 Epic. Keep it up - joined the Community + Discord and hope I can make myself useful for the project in one way or another. Cheers!

Same here! To new beginnings! Thanks for joining the OpenSeed convo

Do you know where I can get an updated invite to discord for OpenOrchard/Seed

edit: nevermind found it on your other post! awesome job guys!😀

OpenLink: A Chat App for Hivers

Ive always maintained that there is nothing inherently special about discord, neither in terms of promotion nor in terms of some unique utility that cannot be replicated.
I even believed that Discord was a detriment to on-chain engagement.

While Openlink might not be "on-chain" (not sure how you intend to connect it to the blockchain, integrated into frontends would be fine) at least its "HIVE related" and comes from the community.
If its seamlessly integrated into our every-day (id love to maybe see community chats) it would be a massive addition to the network.

Andy, youve had experience with Steemit, youve been a part of this community for so long, youve taken shit left and right, i know i gave you shit, and you dealt with it (some people would become resentful and do what Heimin did), which demands respect.

Im curious to see what you do when you dont have to answer to a boss.

Agreed on all fronts. Discord is one of our primary references, though the MVP will be closer to Telegram.

OpenSeed functions very similarly to SteemConnect, except in addition to allowing apps to post on your behalf, it also enables them to integrate additional features. So PeakD could use OpenSeed to do everything SteemConnect does, AND any other features offered in OpenSeed like chat, off-chain posts and comments, and more. Also, we could have the messages on chain, we just think it would be more harmful to Hive than beneficial. It would also be a more complicated implementation and the user experience would likely be worse. But we could use either the Memo operation or custom JSON ops to store messages, it’s just not a good idea. So that is a conscious design decision and so far every app developer we’ve spoken to agrees with it.

Appreciate the kind words, maybe I deserved some of that shit ;)

Doing the opposite of what Heimin does is a pretty good rule of thumb IMO 😂

Hey Andrew, out of all this chaos, I've been genuinely interested in how your life would change... I'm really excited to see you working on this project. I'm glad you're outsourcing in a place with a ton of excellent developers hang out and I'm super interested to see how this all takes shape.

Super glad you're a part of Hive... you're a huge part of this community.

Hey man! Good to see you're still hanging around too! Thanks for the kind words and I hope to see you again soon

I'am currently working on a Discord-like app which doesn't require a middleware an runs client-side just purely on HIVE blockchain.

So far good progress have been made, chatrooms are represented by root posts on the chain and chat entries are represented as replies to that post. In my test, I see no real downside client-side the fast block creation times on HIVE makes it already feel like "realtime" chat.

If we can find consensus and could create a common standard for chats on the chain - it could be become available on every frontend and be compatible.

Would you advise me to wait for OpenSeed in this case?

Definitely come by the discord server (yes ironic 😂) and join the OpenSeed conversation. If Hive users were to adopt such a standard we would be happy to integrate it into OpenSeed. That being said, we have given a lot of thought to this feature, and solicited tons of user and developer feedback on their preferred implementation and found that there is not much demand for an on-chain implementation. After all, Hive/Steem has been around for 4 years and such a solution has been possible since day one. One should consider why no such standard has been adopted after all these years. I believe @therealwolf developed such a standard for Steem Chat, but the fact that this project was not successful should be viewed as a warning sign. Most experienced Hive developers are looking for ways to remove data from the blockchain, not bloat it further. That's why we have off-chain posts and comments in OpenSeed as well. It is my belief that a decentralized, public, immutable database is not the right way to store messages and that a distributed, mutable database is far superior. It is understandable why one would be tempted to use Hive for this purpose as it is difficult to bootstrap such a distributed network, however, that is exactly what we are doing with OpenSeed. Sorry to rain on your parade, and it's entirely possible that I am wrong in my conclusions, I just wanted to inform you of my experience and the logic behind our decisions so that you can plan accordingly.

Thank you very much for detailed information here.
I'am joining you on discord - guess it's even better in working on such features in a team :)

hey, I don't have a lot of tech background, but wouldn't it be possible instead of a chatting system to just have an inbox messaging system? I can't imagine (again I don't know much about this stuff 😅) that it would be too hard to implement, but it would extremely help the user experience on e.g., peakd.

That would be more of a question for the PeakD developers. OpenSeed's messaging system can be represented in the way you mention, that is more of a user interface question.

Sup' people, hope you're doing well. I do support your proposal :))

I have been waiting for openseed for to long and I’m happy to hear that the project is ready to go live. The most interesting part is that you have adapted to the Hive blockchain..I cannot waits for a final product man, well done💪💪

I was wondering about this!
Exciting news, can’t wait to see your barriers broken down 🤗

It is great to see this. I am supper excited about OpenSeed and all the initiatives you are undertaking.

Thanks for the support!

this is great news - I'm delighted you are moving to hive

This is exciting stuff. Great work!

Will the encrypted chat feature also allow for non-encrypted group chat functionality so Discord style conversations can be moved to the Hive blockchain where new users can easily find these conversations and engage in them?

Discord is nice, but it is more difficult for new users to find those conversations and more intimidating for them to engage, ultimately decreasing our retention rate. I personally would like to see more of that user activity on chain and think it would highlight our strong and active community, putting it on display for everyone to see, allowing connections to form, etc.

Yes :) This is just a public group chat. I believe this is already live in OpenSeed. Like many of our features, all that remains is the interfaces needed to enable developers to integrate the features into their apps, and willing developers. If you want your favorite apps to have discord-like features, tell them to reach out to us to discuss integration. We prioritize what the developer community tells us to prioritize.

Oh awesome! Thanks @andrarchy.

It would be cool if the front-ends, like PEAKD, integrated OpenSeed so there was a built in public group chat for each community.

What do you think about that @peakd, @jarvie?

Let's hope the internet itself won't be censored itself n the future