Through the Christmas Village

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Perfect day for today my tour in Zurich Christmas village. Here first a nice chain of cable cabins down where you can enjoy a fondue in the evening, very cozy.


Every year I like the unique wooden decorations, creates a nice cheerful cristmas atmosphere.


It was still early in the morning here, later it gets full and the many stands have everything to offer for you.



The old carousel for children is also a must.


In the background the small Opera house of Switzerland, but it's happy for a very big name.




On the way you can also take a break in one of the nicely arranged old rooms.





Thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful Day!


Saya melihat semua pohon natal telah di tutupi oleh salju, semoga semuanya berjalan lancar 🥰

Everything is ok, thank you!

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Thank you very much!

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Zurich Christmas village looks enchanting! The cable cabins and wooden decorations bring a cozy atmosphere. The old carousel and the small Opera house add a touch of nostalgia. Taking a break in one of the old rooms seems like a perfect way to enjoy the festive surroundings. Looks like you have a wonderful day! 🎄

Absolutely many thanks!

You're welcome.