SUBLIME SUNDAY - "Exploring stylishness: A Stroll Through the brand new Jewel in the city... Unveiling the attractiveness of the place....

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A very cheerful hello to Hive community!!

Today, was a very interesting and fascinating day. I totally enjoyed today as i had a lot of fun today .Just had the most mind-blowing time at the local mall and couldn't wait to share the experience with you all! A newly opened "Pavilion Mall" is just what we all children need for satisfying their mind and soul to play games and enjoy the yummy food , buying the products or clothing and click photographs, like I did and i am also a very enthusiastic photograph clicking lover.....


The Mall is designed super cool, fantabulous and very well structured... Today after coming back from school I saw it in the way and I was totally loving its outer structure of the building It took my eyes and heart. Such a beautiful mall from outside definitely it would also be extremely from inside.. And as i excepted i it the same......


Then i decided to convince my parents to go there, after i completed my homework and the other assignments . I got ready and we sat in the car to reach our destination.....And after reaching the #Mall which is our destination. The moment me and my family stepped into the mall it was so fascinating those automatic doors opened, we were greeted with a red rose, and the music was playing at the background.. The music was so relaxing which took all the stress away and we were feeling super fresh and energetic.

The atmosphere in the mall was making us feel very good as the occasional burst of laughter was all around which defined the harmony of the lively atmosphere.... We also wanted to explore more about the mall as it was newly opened we find the bright lights and disco lights playing all around which give a very fantabulous and beautiful look to the mall it was like stepping into a Wonderland of endless possibilities. Everything seems to be magical there similar As seen in the stories..... Many treasure what to be discovered so we were surfing the mall to see many more interesting things......


Food the essential requirement of our body.... And a hungry stomach catches the Aroma of the delicious food which is around us..... And that's obvious... Why not... In There were many delicious food....we ordered a jumbo sized pizza .
The #pizza was extremely amazing and is the tasty recipe which can be eaten 24/7!!! Yeah, that's really true for me .!!The pizza have been made with a unique blend of various mixture of spices, possibly including fresh herbs and vegetables like basil, chilli flakes , tomatoes, green capsicum, oregano, and some secret ingredients must be added to it to give a very tasty and yummy flavor, unforgettable flavor, which makes it special...


Then we ordered a "Mojito Cocktail" to drink which was added my some slices of orange, some leaves of mint, Soda water and some lemon juice..... Which made this drink extremely excellent......


Time to move to the next dish!!!!
That's dosa almost known by everyone.... It is a very famous dish in the southern part of India... The way it is decorated it took my heart away it was really looking fantabulous. The thing after the taste was its setting it was kept so nicely... The dosa was really was good , properly cooked and crispy...
With the Dosa some coconut and pumpkin chutney sauce was kept along with sambar... Which was really good....


Coming to the dessert.... Favourite and liked by all!!! And that's ice cream... So delicious, creamy... Wow... Just remember that moment...So we took to ice-creams one was in pistachio flavour and the other was the mango one both were really really amazing and fantastic... Eating ice cream is just like enjoying the best moment of life... The creamy ice-cream was just excited my mind......Yummy! I really wanted to go there again soon ..!!!!


And next was my super super favourite "Doughnuts...!! Glazed was sugar and chocolate....
It was really really so mouth-watering. The round shape of the #Doughnuts was extremely up to the mark.....I just grabbed all... it was too delicious, one was chocolate dipped and sprinkled with some nuts and the other was dipped with sugar glazed!! Totally amazing.... Just loved it..


Strolling to the clothing and fashion side, which was just like photography capturing and sharing of a mini world tour to the styles, fashion,elegance,
grace and urbanity...

We visited many grams to shop for are so of the #photographs of the super cool brands...

This is the brand "ONLY" known by maximum number of you!! Just looked their dress it was super cool!!
"ONLY" brand embodies contemporary fashion trends for confident and independent women. With its focus on chic, versatile clothing ONLY captures the essence of urban style while ensuring comfort and quality.


Next comes World Famous "ZARA" ummm absolutely amazing......Zara, the renowned Spanish fashion retailer, has solidified its reputation as a global trendsetter in the world of fast fashion. Founded in 1974, Zara has captivated fashion enthusiasts with its unique blend of high-quality, chic designs at affordable prices.


And last one was "STEVE MADDEN " fantastic, fantabulous...... Everything here was ... Really wow..
Steve Madden is synonymous with fashion-forward footwear and accessories. With a pulse on the latest trends, the brand offers a diverse range of shoes, handbags, and accessories that cater to the modern, style-conscious individual.


There were also flowers vase kept inside the mall at particular places which was really very amazing It's delicate hues add an elegant touch... I just loved those ..... They were really enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the mall's decor .The flowers looked to attractive which were light purple in colour and a enhance in the Beauty of the surrounding though also creating a visually pleasing environment.....


It was a really good experience which i with my family really enjoyed!! It was not just like enjoying but also exploring things.... But It's an good experience, a vibrant hub of life and diversity. . Sometimes we ignore something in our surroundings but we should not do it. We should always learn not just enjoy and forget but also remember about the experience and share it...... To remember the same scene happening again...So can't wait to visit it again and see what other delights await.....

Much Love!


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A Sunday can't be better than is a reflection of true south Indian to have Dosa.. all credit to @btu for highlighting this besutiful post.... followed you for more fantastic post in coming days...

@btu and @steemflow Thank you so much, really appreciate this truly great gesture. Dosas are indeed super delicious and I just love them.

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