A Walk on the Mild Side in my Village

I had a little walk around my village today with a friend and neighbour. We've actually had a couple of sunny days, but it was still a little chilly out.

This is the village sheep dip from around 1860. Back then, sheep were dipped here, with farmers paying around a shilling for the privilege. Today, no sheep are dipped, but people's dogs like to swim in it.

This is part of the walk that I'm not keen on as there's a steady incline to the top.

I left some bird seed and nuts on the stone pillars, but the squirrel beat the birds to it. S/he was making sure that I didn't get too close before eating the nuts.

I could sit here all day watching the birds (and squirrel) feed.

As we carried on along the road, we spotted some large fungi. My phone told me it was Dryad's Saddle. I'm not sure if this is correct, but I've never seen fungi this large before.

At the moment, I think most of the UK is having issues with bloody potholes in the road. This one is on a country lane, and the hole is quite deep, so it could cause damage to your car. Someone has put a traffic cone in the hole to warn drivers coming over the hill. I think most cars will just be able to sneak past the cone. Even when the council fill them in, they don't do a very good job of it.

I really like this house with the ivy on the outside. Some people don't like it thinking it might damage the wall, but I just think it's well insulated!

As we finished our walk, it was really good to see the bluebells out. Summer is on the way.

This post is for #sublimesunday by @c0ff33a and #beautifulsunday initiated by @ace108.


What a beautiful place. Love the Squirrel and the first photo the most.

Thank you @pravesh0. 🙏

Thank you @stevenson7. 🙏 ❤️

Nice place and a nice walk. It's cool when there is wildlife around that you can admire.

I'm lucky as we have quite a lot in the village 🙂

A lovely place to be. So refreshing

Thank you @iyke-7. 🙏

You welcome

What a pretty village. Personally I like the ivy house too!

I'm very lucky really. I love the ivy house. I could move in tomorrow but the owners might object. 😁

Just say to them that you’ll make an offer they can’t refuse!!

Ha ha. I'd be no trouble ...

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