It's just the place that changes...

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This sublime Sunday stroll started by the salt flats in the city of Calpe. The sky was beautiful, with gorgeous white fluffy clouds and the temperatures were just perfect to do this route around the lagoon.

However, my walk went in a different direction.


There is a very logical explanation - you can't take a route along dirt trails in shoes with heels. Well, the heel isn't even noticeable for those who are used to walking in high heels, but for me, that was enough to change my mind and postpone this birdwatching and hiking activity to another day - with a suitable outfit for that.


I am determined to do this route, which is not very long; it is about 45 minutes as the info board suggests. When I visit it properly I will write more about this place and if I am lucky and the birds are closer, maybe I can also show some flamingoes that live here.

Btw, the little white spots in the middle of the water... do you see them...? No, they can't be seen - they were too far away and I don't have a camera to capture them.


But it is fine, it's just the place that changes, and the rest is still the same. It is still Sunday and it is I who will continue seeing the dreamy fluffy clouds and flamingoes in other places and things too.

Like in the lunch my son made. Some tasty clouds here... Do you know what this is?


No worries, I didn't know either, I just had to have confidence in the young chef.

So, these are like dumplings filled with ground meat and vegetables. It is called Jiaozi. There are a few ways to prepare them - you can steam or boil them, or fry them on a tiny amount of oil in a frying pan and add a little water, leave it to "cook" for two to three minutes and that's it.

The latter is how my son made them.

There were other things too for our lunch but this was exceptional and sublime, it deserved to come to Hive. With a happy tummy and still happy mind I went to my balcony. You know what comes now, right?


Correct!! Rocks and doodling activities! 😁

A cup of coffee (with Baileys 😲) and a snack "for later" found their place on the desk with the new collection of rocks ready to be used as a canvas. These days I made several one-eyed creatures. Two were adopted and these two you see here look at each other and make me company.

I start to think they give me ideas.


Maybe I should share in the Kindness Rocks community (oops, a bit of promotion hahaha)... but it stays in the Sublime Sunday topic, as this is what my second part of this sunny day looked like.

I painted one rounded rock blue and doodled some yellow spirals on it and another thin rock was decorated with purple leaves. They will be part of a bigger scene, hopefully. Not today though.

The next rock got a tattoo with a pencil - lines that first had to be just two triangles.


Then I slowly added blue and yellow colours, and more triangles and white lines and dots and it is how it turned out to be a...

...a dog!

It can be also a wolf. Not sure. What do you say? Is it a dog or a wolf of none of them?

Oh, what a bit of Baileys Irish Cream in my coffee did... I see animals in lines! 😵


It was still not all.

This rock which had been painted in black some days ago was the background for one yellow dot. Then seven white dots appeared around it.


And more orange, blue, and white dots... Let's just say many dots, of different sizes!

I somehow like the result 😇


The rock is not sublime itself - but I think the day could be called that way.



So, these are like dumplings filled with ground meat and vegetables.

Believe it or not, but I think I ate these same things, yesterday night.
I just fried them in a bit of oil, on two sides ( until crispy ), did not add any water.
Then ate them with mayonnaise and some healthy stuff ( plenty of veggies ) on the side.
Also had two small glasses of beer with the meal. Quite enjoyable :<)

Really? That's a cool coincidence :)

We also had lettuce, raw grated carrot and cabbage slices, boiled peas, garlic sauce (which is very similar to mayonnaise but with garlic) and chicken breast. And pasta. Son's ideas 😂

Good night once again then, with food hahaha (we should not be hungry now 🤐)

Simply and beautiful designs! The day is beautiful around the planet....a Beach day...Hi! you like music? jajaja

Hello, painter :))

Thanks, so a beautiful day at your place too? 😇
With a little difference - you still have more hours of the day :D fellows U2 friends... they are always riding bike with me...!

... enough reasons to be so happy and mentally flying through the fluffy clouds... (oh, that chef, is one of the most sublime things you can have)...

¡La roca... 😍 ... todas las rocas!

Hoy han salido interesantes 😇 bueno, por lo menos yo estoy contenta con las roquitas de hoy jajaja

Y con la comida even more 😋

¡Tu felicidad es contagiosa! 😉

Espero que eso es bueno 😁

Oh, y se me olvidó poner en el post el smoothie que he tomado 🤦‍♀

Pero llevaba zanahoria, raíz de remolacha, piña y melón jajaja - combinación imposible! menos mal que sigo viva 😂

I doubt that happiness could suffer in any way with such a combination!!! 😁

It was just the starter for the happy day :D

Si sabes el bien que te hacen esos batidos extraños, deberías tener los ingredientes en casa para prepararlos cada mañana... Jajaja...


I see the white dots! Are they flamingos? I love them! Yes I can see them, I have very good eyesight and I didn't enlarge the picture hahaha

I also see animals in a row like two dogs in reflection... great!

The black stone is beautiful, I think the name suits it very well, super good!

I loved the clouds in the sky, a work of art!😍

PS: I have a question: I want to post about an achievement that .... here on Hive, a big one for me the Loving Hive community will be the one? It's a post plus the screenshots of the achievement. A writing without video. Thanks!

Yes, flamingoes, and other birds, but it will be difficult to get a closer photo hahaha. Unless they come close to the shore when I visit it the next time.

The rock with the "dog" - so you see two of them? Did you drink two cups of Baileys? 😁 Actually I didn't think about the reflection, but the two triangles on the top are the ears, and the one on the side is the snout. The two triangles on the bottom are the legs (like just two legs seeing it from profile hahaha) and the last triangle is the tail. I hope I explained well

About your post - yes, I suppose it could be a good match with the Loving Hive community. ;)

I definitely have to stop drinking water, it must have something in it hahaha I see two dogs hahahahahahahahaha

Beautiful flamingos! They say there are lagoons full of them, someday I'll see them!

Thank you very much for the advice... I'll go there!


At least you see the dog, or two of them hahaha. It is not a big deal how many of them 🤣

You are welcome. (I didn't post a lot in that community, actually, I went back now to see where I published my 3rd hive anniversary and I see just on my blog hahaha, out of any community 🤦‍♀😁)

Or is it that I really see double ,.... I better stop drinking... air hahaha too much oxygen!

It's about that I got to dolphin... what a thrill!

Good night!!!

Congratulation :))

So, I am reading now the rules of that community...

And I don't know anymore if it fits there 🤐

It's the only one I could think of... it says that you can publish achievements.... tomorrow I'll see where I do it, I have almost everything ready.

High heels made you change the route? My sister can teach you some lessons (she is always wearing them. Lol)

The little chef is doing well with the cooking stuff (at least they have a good look).

And in the end this lady has her rocks:). Happy ending. Haha

Oh, I think I am a bit old to learn that skill... as it is a real skill, you know. Have you tried walking longer distances in her shoes? 😁

Yep, a nice, rounded day and the end of the day is already close 💤

have you tried walking longer distances in her shoes

Lol, why would I, 😂

Just to try to feeling 😁

Nah, that's really difficult. I always wonder how ladies do that. Here is a secret

She wears heels because she is 5' 5" (whispering)

ok, the secret is well kept - here on the blockchain, stored forever 😁

Oops 😬. Oh, no worries, she isn't here. Feww😮‍💨


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You had a very lovely walk
Above all, I love your rocks. They look so beautiful

No, I didn't walk. I had high heels

Sundays are so special and so special to hang out in. You've chosen this special place, so many special things and so many more special things that are so heartwarming. I myself always collect these special stones whenever I am in such a place.

Another day with new creative craft ideas.happy earth day. Cheers

thanks ;)

You had an amazing start of your Sunday ha. A walk near the sea where for sure, you can breath a fresh air and enjoy the scenic view on the pathway. And that dumplings looks really juicy, wish we could also have a taste of your chef's cooking ╮(^▽^)╭. And seriously, your rock arts is always cute. I love how everything you doodle in there and it will come out pretty and cute.

Doodling on the rocks is soooo addictive for me hahaha, yes, there are some days I don't have time for it but when I can, I am just drawing and nothing else exists!

Hi, you had a great Sunday. Hike with an amazing view and I watched animals in the clouds. I loved seeing how you paint the rocks as I know you really like it. You know where you saw dog or wolf I see some fish. That entertainment is good to keep my kid quiet at home but it would take paint and brushes because I have a lot of rocks. I liked your Sunday. It encouraged me to talk about mine. Thanks for sharing.

Oh, fish maybe too. Someone else also said me fish (but I still see the dog :D )

I think your son would like to express his creativity through painting the rocks. It can also be done with pencils, you don't need a lot of ain't or brushes.

Thank you @yanerkidiaz 🎶

Wow what a beautiful ride. Those pictures turned out amazing.

Thank you 😇

You make nicer rock designs every day. I like the black one, it is very original. Greetings friend. Nice Monday.🥰❤️

Gracias @mamani

I also like the black one. I still have black nail polish so I will probably paint more rocks with that black shiny base and do those dots in different colours. Thank you and I hope you had a nice Monday and Tuesday too 😉

A perfect Sunday. Walk, creative activity and above all a lunch made by your son.

Your kindness rocks are looking better and better every day and how many still to decorate!!!

Voy a tomarme un Carajillo y después te digo que animal veo en tu roca. 🤣

Linda semana para todos. 🤗

Gracias @mdrguez

Ya has tamodo eso, el carajillo? ... - que no sé lo que es 😶... ajá, ya lo miré café mezclado con alguna bebida alcohólica - no sabía que así se llama.

Y qué ves? 😁

I don't drink alcoholic beverages, but one day in a cafe in Old Havana I ordered a mixture that they sell and that everyone likes...I left very sick, with dizziness!!!! I've never had a Carajillo again!!!! 🤣

To see....with a good cup of creole coffee was enough.

I see a dog too!!


Yes, that is exactly how this dog is 😇

With the eye on that spot! 👌

I really like those landscapes and the rocks!! I need those rocks in my house, they are really pretty😍

Hola @izack

Las rocas, y si las pintas, traen creatividad y paz. Gracias por pasar, un saludo 🎶

Si serían una excelente forma de canalizar la creatividad