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We had a 4 day long weekend for the National Day and during this time there are offers pouring in from almost every outlet, hotel, restaurant and all services. It's ideal to take benefit of these offers since the deals are really very good. Oman celebrated 53rd National Day, so the offers were 53% discount in majority of the places. These offers are very genuine, it's not like that the prices are hiked up and then the deals are introduced. You do really get a good deal during this month for almost everything that is available in the city except for very few places.

Since it was a 4 day long break we decided to spend 2 days at some resort. Shangri-La had some super amazing deals, we took the package with them for a one night stay with breakfast and dinner included and we got everything included in the price that was much lesser then what we would pay only for the room during the normal days. We booked the sea facing room so we paid a little extra, if we would have taken the garden view room the prices would have come down further. But I wanted the Sea facing, since it's not common to get such views on a daily basis where you open the window and there is the Ocean in front of you and you hear all day long the sound of the waves. It's beautiful for the ears.

I was very happy with what we got. This was the view from our balcony. The ocean in front and there is a lazy river flowing down. I spent a lot of time in the lazy river, just going around on the float, I was enjoying it like a kid. I did this after many many years so I was very excited.


There are camels passing by

This was our room, very spacious and well designed.

On one side of the hotel is the ocean and on the other side there are hills

Enjoying my stay

I could not get enough of these views, spent a lot of time at the balcony just gazing out and hearing the ocean roar.

A wonderful weekend we spent at the resort. The only thing I did not enjoy much was the buffet dinner. It was not bad but when I compared it to the breakfast I felt the breakfast was much better. I spent most of the time in the pool and by the sea side, late evening taking a walk at the beach was so peaceful and calming.

Thank you for visiting my blog. 👼🏻👼🏻💖💖🌹🌺🌸



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I must confess that you really had a wonderful weekend and what an amazing view and caption we get here. I believe that you really had fun and enjoy yourself at the beach. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day

It was a wonderful time spent at this place

You guys totally took advantage of the discount and the long holiday. I love the ocean view and these shots tells so much that you enjoyed your stay at the resort.

Thank you so much for sharing this with us 🥰

Totally, made it every penny worth :-)

Yeah it does

The place looks beautiful and looking like you will have maximum fun over there. I love the view from the balcony
It looks good!

I had a gala time, I was behaving like a child, that's what my hubby said...hehe

Yay! 🤗
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Thank you @steemflow for the boost. Very kind of you

You really had a nice time here. I really love the view of this, it's look soo relax

I did, thank you

Omg...i always want to enjoy that type of view from the balcony. The place looks so beautiful and it is good to enjoy like a kid sometimes 😜 whenever I go to the beach the child inside me also comes out :⁠-⁠D

Same here, and muscat has such a beautiful beach life.

Happy Sunday from this side

Thank you, I hope you had a wonderful week

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Wow! This is really a beautiful pool by the sea. 53% discount on national day is amazing! You must have great time spending at Shangri- La resort.

Naina ji , Both the inner decoration and you with drinks in hand look beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for the compliments. We had an amazing time