Beautiful sunset on the hill at 37 Household Area

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Hi Hivers in Photofeed community, today I had the opportunity to visit a friend's farm at 37 Household Area, Mang Den town, Kon Plong district. And I was lucky enough to catch a beautiful sunset. So I took some pictures and I would like to show them to you in this post.

But first let me tell you a little about the 37 Household Area. It's a small residential area on a hill which is located about 10km from the center of Mang Den town. The reason why it has that name is there are only 37 households on that hill. It's a beautiful area on the top of a hill surrounded by a large valley. From there, we can have a stunning panoramic of the surrounding area.

Today I had a chance to visit one of my friend's farm in that area. And so I was lucky to enjoy the sunset over there. Most of the roads there are dirt roads, so the special tractors are popular transportations which are used by the farmers to transport agricultural products.




From the top of the view, I could easily admire the beautiful surrounding areas including rolling mountains, immense farms and meadows.



The sky today was beautiful with just some clouds. And all of them turned red. The clouds in Mang Den flow quite fast, and so their shapes changed very fast.


Under the red light of the sunset, the reeds along both sides of the road became more beautiful.



From the bottom of the slope, looking up the hill, the pictures were great. The shadow from the trees created interesting shapes.



The abandoned houses on the top of the hill were also beautiful under the light of the sunset.


I enjoyed the view of the sunset so much that I came back home very late. And on the way home, I took of the photo below when the horizon was very red.

Thank you very much for taking time to read my post. I hope you enjoy the the sunset at 37 Household Area with me. Have a nice day.



My! That's super 🤩🤩🤩 Same here I'm addicted to it, endless hunting of sunset and sunrise.

Hi @franzpaulie
Thank you very much for your visit. And it's great to hear that you are addicted to the same thing with me.

Who would not love that opening music of the night.

Yay! 🤗
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Ah, an overlooking place of residency. You must have so much fun while at the same time having a great patience in waiting for the sunset. The last photo looks like a painting.

Hi @diding
Thank you very much for your visit and comment.
I was lucky to be at right place and time.

You are good at getting a right timing. looking forward to more posts. Have a nice day!

Thank you very much for feedback. Have a nice day.

Those last sunset photos! Magical! Lovely shots @dodovietnam

Hi @itsmiessyonpeakd
Thank you very much for your visit and compliment.

Love that photo with the sunset.. Too pretty 😊

Hi @jane1289
Thank you very much for your visit. I was lucky to be at the right time and place.

This is a wonderful view. I like sunset view very much. This is the best moments ending moment of the day. You have captured wonderful nature hilly view beautifully

Hi @kawsar8035
Thank you very much for your visit and compliment.

The photos are so beautiful. Sunset is just so artistic !

Hi @olympicdragon
Thank you very much for your visit and compliment.

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Distance is not an obstacle to staring at the beauty of nature, I always like your stories about the countryside and yes, it's a great sunset

looks really, really beautiful. i like it

The photographs where the sunset falls are perfect, it certainly gives a special character to the images.

You have a sublime "photographic sense" dear friend!... It's a pleasure to look at everything you can do with a camera!.... Congratulations and thank you for sharing!....



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that sunset is looking reeaaallly pretty my friiend! i loved it!

you post gave me fomo to explore the farm side of my state too!

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Never been to a farm but only saw them in movies or pictures. I bet it's a beautiful experience for anyone who is used to enjoy the beauty of little things :)

As I saw in your other post, you like to take photos and turn them into a work of art. I will be your strict follower