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"Landscape Photography shows the spaces within the world, sometimes vast and unending, but other times microscopic. Landscape photographs typically capture the presence of nature but can also focus on man-made features or disturbances of landscapes." Wiki
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Round 4 Landscape Photography Winners


Rank 1 - @kieranstone



Image by@kieranstone
Prize15% Beneficiaries


Rank 2 - @florian.grieger



Image by@florian.grieger
Prize12% Beneficiaries


Rank 3 - @greddyforce



Image by@greddyforce
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ThursdayLong Exposure08.12.2022




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Good Luck Everyone!

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Some great shots here!
This is actually taken out of the aircraft window of Greenland.

Back roads of Madagascar


Photo-Zen, with the "words" or the expression means of the long-exposure.

Time can definitely be measured with the motion blur of the flowing water.

The "Devil's Bridge" near the town of Ardino in Southern Bulgaria in three different perspectives and slices of time...

and a full post with a few more long exposure photos from this amazing place:


Moonlit Mt. Whitney

20191020-4027 (1).jpg

Long way to flowing water, backdrop vegetated dunes in Northern Kwa-ZuluNatal, South Africa.


Thanks for rank 2 and congrats to @kieranstone to rank 1 🙏🏼 Here'my entry for the next one!


Congrats to the winners! Beautiful moody landscapes.

Here is my entry - the Yellow Mountains in China:

Another awesome series of photo. :). Congratulations to all winner .

Cheers .

This is my entry for landscape photography round - 5
They Mount Kinabalu Trail - The highest mountain in my place with 4,095 m elevation .


Cheers! :))

Some !PIZZA and my best wishes for a greater day! :)


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