PhotoFeed Contest - Macro Photography Round 39

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Hi, my dear friends!
I love taking pictures of dandelions. But I must admit that if I want to do this, I should not take my dogs with me. Oh yeah! The following photo was not accidentally included here! I'm just trying to show how difficult the conditions I have to photograph)))), because as soon as I point the camera at a flower, it is immediately under the mischievous dog's paw!

However, I did manage to do something! It's actually a miracle that I found dandelions at this time of the year, because they have long faded. But these small daisies (I'm not sure if this is their correct name. Maybe daisies?) flooded my entire yard. A real weed! And if they weren't so good for photos, I would probably declare war on them! No, let them grow)







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My daisies faded due to hot weather :/

Oh, I'm so sorry about it(